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Web Development Tips For Improving Online Sales

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August 19, 2016



Web Development Tips For Improving Online Sales Pear Digital
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For most webmasters, having a website that encourages viewers to send enquiries and make purchases is the overall aim. For many businesses, the act of establishing contact with the client is the most desirable thing, but for those who sell their products online it is more important to be able to convince them to make purchases using the content of their websites, and their designs, than it is to get them asking questions.

With that in mind, the following are all useful web development and design ideas that should increase your chances of making sales.

Visible Shopping Baskets

The first thing that you should try to do is make sure that the customer’s shopping basket is as visible as possible. The standard in the industry is to place an icon for the basket in the top-right corner of the page, which is often dynamic in terms of updating users when they add products and how much they will be expected to pay. The basket should be accessible with a single click from anywhere on the website.

Understand Your Add-To-Cart Buttons

The way you present your Add-To-Cart buttons to your users will often have an effect on whether or not they choose to click them. Buttons that have phrases like “Learn More” or “More Details” are often too vague for customers who are just looking to shop and they conjure up images of more clicks being needed before the product can be purchased. As such, you need to be more direct with your Add-To-Cart buttons so that customers are left in no doubt about what they do.

Consider Navigation

The more products you add to your site, the harder it is going to be to create a navigational structure that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. You need to be able to assign categories to each of your products, with relevant sub-categories when necessary. This should be easy to reach from practically anywhere on the site so that users can navigate back and forward between products. It is also worth adding breadcrumb trails that highlight the paths that users take to reach products of interest. A good search bar is also recommended.

Your Product Pages

The quality of your product pages will make or break your sales potential in many cases, so it is important that you work on their design. You are looking to create pages that are standardised across the website, as this lends the air of professionalism needed to build trust in your site. They should also be clear and concise, offering high-quality images and simple descriptions about the products and how they fulfil customer needs.

Payment Options

Ideally you will want to offer as many payment options as possible to your customers so that they feel more comfortable in buying from you. This should be complemented with additional information about the security measures that are in place for your site, so consider using logos for any security systems you have in place and make sure you have a privacy policy that defines what you do with customer data.

Web Development Tips For Improving Online Sales Pear Digital
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