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Rafatrad is a charity that is run by the Royal Air Force (RAF) which supports serving men and women and their families. They also support former service personnel.


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Website Migration

Customer Data Migration

Shopify apps Integration

The Royal Air Force of Great Britain is recognised throughout the world as a leading military organisation and is one of the UK’s first lines of defence with over 30,000 men and women in active service. So when one of their sub-organisations RAFATRAD contacted us regarding their website it got us a bit excited. RAFATRAD is owned by the Royal Air Force Association which is one of the oldest UK military charities which provides support to a community of 1,000,000 people who are or were associated with the RAF. The charity does some amazing work for RAF personnel both current and former in providing support and other resources for those in need of help.

All this great work (for any charity) is only made possible when there is an effective flow of funds and one of the main sources of funds was the RAFATRAD website. When RAFATRAD approached us they had an old WooCommerece website that was hard to edit when it came to making small changes on the website, their product categories were a mess, the site was slow and the biggest concern they had (given the nature of the organisation) was lack of website security. WordPress is known for its security flaws (if not maintained), especially through 3rd party extensions.

So we had the huge task of migrating existing website data over, such as product information, customer data, onsite data etc. So the team got to work and one of the main pain points was that this website was used by a very specific demograph of a certain age. So the design and layout had to accommodate this requirement from the home page to the checkout page.

They also had over a thousand products with multiple variations, these didn’t import over the first few times fully when we did the data migration so created an excel sheet for these products with all the correct tags and variations.

One of the key things the client required was a view and buy now option from the collection page this was added along with a mega menu, an extensive filtering option as well as product tags.

We heavily customised the theme so that it completely fitted the client’s criteria. Once we completed the design and build we started the migration process (which is always a bit nerve-racking). We then helped the client integrate their Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and all Facebook assets within their Shopify store?

We almost forgot to mention the fun part. The lead time on this project was eight weeks as agreed with the client. But two weeks into the project the client contacted us and asked us if there was anything we can do to complete the project within five weeks as they had some events and annual leave to arrange. This was a big ask but we moved things around and pulled a few late nights and weekends and completed the website two days before the new deadline.  We are always happy to go the extra mile when we can.

We are Shopify customisation experts with plenty of knowledge how to work around what may seem impossible