blacktoe running

This client sells running shoes and is based in Canada.

Blacktoe Running

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Klaviyo Email marketing set-up

Website speed optimization

Conversion rate optimization

This client sells running shoes and is based in Canada. They also have a physical store which they wanted bring into the online mix. They wanted a unified way on where they can collect and utilise customer information such as email addresses that were collected in store. It was not our usual cup of tea but we got stuck in. The first step was to find way to unify their in store system to Klaviyo and then separate binstore emails off in klaviyo so that those customers receive a unique offer. challegening , but very achievable.

The first step was to work alongside Shopify POS and Klaviyo to set-up a seamless integration. After some back and forth we managed to connect this together and separate automated flow set-up for in-store customers. Now instore customers had their own unique offers and their own nurturing sequence of emails.

The next step was how we could implement a whole new acquisition and nurturing system for customers who visit the client website. But before we could set this up we identified that the clients site speed was really poor and this could affect sign up rates aswell conversions. So we setup a plan to help the client improve their website speed and improve conversion points. Once this was completed we got to work on their email automations. After six weeks we had the the flows set-up and a content plan for ongoing campaigns, This resulted in the client making over $100k in the first month.

The true potential is in the ongoing campaigns that we create for this client month on month which brings in 2/3rds of their email marketing revenue.

Black toe running continues to grow and we have some new and exciting ideas ready for their next phase of expansion.

Klaviyo Email marketing set-up with website speed and conversion rate optimization.