Vapinloud has a strong high street presence and now they are looking to expand in the online space. They sell premium Vaping products.

Vapin Loud

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Website Migration

Customer Data Migration

Heavy Theme Customisation

On-site Optimisation

Vapin loud started off on the high street with the first retail store opening in 2015 another in 2017 and another in 2019. The retail stores were doing well but the client realised they were missing a big trick with their online presence. So they launched their first e-commerce website using Prestashop in 2016. But as the business grew the website failed to keep up. The client needed something more powerful and eye-catching to keep up. The vaping industry is full of vibrant characters with colourful and quirky looks and they approached us and asked us to build them a website that captures the vibrancy of the Vaping industry but is also built to generate sales. This was a migration project from Prestashop to Shopify where we migrated all the usual data points such as product information including variations, customer information, order history, organic rankings etc. but what this project more challenging and enjoyable was the design element. As we mentioned above the vaping industry is full of character and colour we had to come up with a design that stayed true to the industry vibe but also clean enough to smash out sales and be easy for the clients customers to navigate and make purchases.

So the team got to work and heavily customised a theme to the point where the original theme was not recognisable anymore. We made sure that all the images were uniform and vibrant and the all-important product pages were built with conversion in mind.  In addition to this, we had to integrate and customise certain apps. This is an industry where you have to be of a certain age to buy the product so we added a feature where a person needs to confirm their age before they progress onto the website. One thing the Vaping industry suffers from is the restrictions around advertising around through Google, Facebook etc. So we had to think of ways to help move sales along from the website.

So we added an app to show delivery timers to not only create a sense of urgency but to also give the customer information and set expectations. We wanted the customer to have a unique experience so we added a customer account page app so customer order history can be stored and they can just log in and repeat their orders. Finally, we want to increase the average order values so we customised a bundles app to help increase the cart value. Lastly, we wanted the client to build trust with their audience and then use that trust to drive their sales. So we set about integrating a review app that showed customer reviews and photos of the products.

The icing on this smoky cake was email marketing. As mentioned Google and Facebook don’t like Vaping product adverts so we devised an email marketing strategy using Klaviyo to help the client nurture and build trust with new customers, entice customers back into the sale flow who add-to-cart but don’t checkout and educate new and existing customers as to the benefits of vaping over smoking.  This has been an exciting project to work on and we can’t wait to see this client grow. The website has only been live for one week (19/10/2021 - 27/10/2021)  as of writing this case study, and with no direct ads, the client has done pretty well. Excited to see what a year will look like.

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