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In 30 days (October 2021) we went from Zero too...
Facebook Ads on 13X ROAS in October 2021
Google Ads: £1400 spent, £20k back in revenue in October 2021
Total Revenue of £40k across both platforms in 30 days.

Dirt Bikes Direct

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Google Ads Management Service

Facebook ads Management Service

This Client sells e-bikes, dirt bikes, quad bikes and ride-on cars for kids. The products they sell are not road legal but are meant for entertainment and play. We’ll get into this detail shortly and why we mention it. They have a successful presence on eBay and were doing really well. But the fee’s and the control eBay has over their buyer’s and sellers meant the customer was reliant on eBay for revenue. It came to a point that the client wanted to grow the business but had to do it on eBay’s terms. The lack of connecting with their customers led the client to explore other avenues where they could grow and deliver a top-notch customer experience. They approached us and asked us how we can help.

In the meantime, we got their Facebook and Instagram ads up and running, along with Google search and display ads. While these were beginning to get the traction we needed while we hammered away at Google by presenting them with tons of information showing them that the products are not road legal vehicles, but are in fact toys. It was frustrating for us and the client that Google could not see this simple fact and we get getting bounced from pillar to post. What didn’t help was that we were fast approaching Q4 and we needed Google Shopping up and running.

So we ended up creating a new Google Merchant centre with new categories and started this from scratch. Within 48 hours the shopping feed and all the products were approved. Sometimes it makes you think how ‘intelligent’ these platforms really are if they can’t distinguish the difference between kids ride-on cars and real road-legal cars.

Needless to say, the client was happy that this was sorted and this meant we had another sales avenue to generate sales.

Since working with us from the beginning of September 2021 until 25/10/2021 Dirt Bikes Direct has seen an 8.8X ROAS on Facebook ads and 11X ROAS on Google ads.

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