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Epic Gardening are a home and garden based company in the USA.

Epic Gardening

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Epic Gardening are a home and garden based company in the USA. They started off writing informative blogs and articles about gardening, plants and anything to do with gardening. These blogs soon took and their website started to see massive traffic coming through. They then moved into selling gardening products such as seeds, plants and other garden related accessories. They took a great deal of pride with their content and wanted it to be front and centre of their overall marketing. But were not sure on how they could synergise their content with their email marketing efforts. As most of you know email marketing pound for pund and dollar for dollar gives the best ROI compared to paid channels and plays a pivotal role in retaining your customer and increasing the customers life time value.

So in March 2022 they signed up with us and had a very specific brief. The first step was to build out a new set of automated flows. This involved creating flows with multiple email sequences that would be sent to relevant customers who perforded certain actions on their website. This was not a typical set-up as they wanted their content and the people within the business take centre stage. This business is a perfect example of leading with the brand and the brands message rather than the product. This was their focus.

So we got to work on a fully custom design of their email sequences and working with a member of their team we managed to ensure that the content message was exactly the way they wanted it. We also set up an intelligent flow system so that certain subscribers will be automatically moved to relevant flows so that they continue to receive appropriate emails. We also set-up a process which segments their 100,000+ email subscribers into relevant groups. Once the flows were set-up we set-up a content calender and advised them on the best methods to run weekly campaigns.

When they approached us back in March they wer making around $8000 per month from theur email marketing efforts. Once we completed our work by May 2022 their revenue from email marketing increased to over $460,000 with the automated flows generating $196,000 and ongoing campaigns generating $270,000 for the month of May. See screenshots.

Epic Gardening continue to grow from strength to strength  and we work with them to provide content solutions aswell carrying out some technical tasks. Just from our email marketing efforts this client has managed to unlock around $2.5M in recurring revenue. 

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