Shopify Website Audit

A powerful insight into your most prized asset.

Shopify Website Audit

Shopify Website Audit

How much do you know about your website? No, seriously...take a seat, pause for a moment and really think about how much you actually know about your website. Do you know it's site speed? What parts of your website are letting you down? Do you know if you have enough meta data?  All these question's need to be answered and as a business owner it's on YOU to know all this. 

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A Shopify website audit will unravel all the inner working of your website and show you what needs to be done. 

A website audit will identify all the problem areas of your website so you can then address the issues so business does not slow down. In addition to the problem areas the audit will show what's working well so you can do more of it. 

Once completed the audit will be emailed to you in CSV and PDF format and depending on the size of your website and how many collections you have we aim to have the audit completed within 3-10 business days.  If you have more than 100 collections please contact us directly for a more bespoke quote. 

The audit will provide:

Where possible we will show you Google's best practices

What issues to fix

Break down of all your web pages by URL


What's working well

 URLs that need attention

Mobile responsiveness score