Cosmetics and skin care is a tough space.


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Google Ads with Klaviyo email marketing

Cosmetics and skin care is a tough space. Most people in this business on average loose $0.20 on every $1.00 of ad spend through front end channels such as Google. It’s a tough space and it takes alot of investment and innovative thinking to stay ahead of the game. But despite this our client Beauxi after having spent $200k in ads from January to July 2022 with return of $550k were happy to keep going. After all they were getting ROAS of 2.75X which was better than 0.90X which is what they were getting from their previous agency. But we wanted another way to help them generate revenue more profitably.

We were acquiring tons of sign-ups to the customers email list thanks to our heavy acquisition campaigns. But the client was not doing much to monetize them. So we got to work build out an automated system of emails that will take care of the customer from the moment they land on the website and part with their email address right up until the customer buy’s a Beauxi product and even beyond that. This automation added around $6300 PER DAY in revenue. That’s $190k per month in revenue that simply signed up to their email list.

With that run-rate thats an annual recurring revenue of $2.2M. When shown these facts the client could not believe that they were just ignoring a potential $2M in revenue. As their email list increases this recurring revenue will grow aswell.

Beauxi have several new products they are looking to launch and they are also looking to build out some new brands. The revenue they have unlocked is allowing them to fund this expansion.

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