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SEO Checklist For A New Website – Part One

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February 15, 2015



So you’re business finally has a website and you have entered the digital age. The site is up and running and you are encouraging your existing clientele to check it out and find out what other services you have to offer them.

But what about new customers? How do you get more eyes on the site and hopefully increase the amount of business that you are doing. Search Engine Optimisation is the key.

You’ve probably already heard of SEO and we would be willing to bet that it sounds very intimidating. There’s so much advice already out there, much of it seeming to contradict, that it’s hard to get started.

So we though we would make it simple. What follows is a simple SEO checklist of the things you must to with a new website. There’s plenty more to do in the long run, but if you do these things you are making a great start.

Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Analytics is a software from Google that allows you to keep track of the people that visit your website in addition to other important metrics, such as how long they spend there and which pages they visit. It is a remarkably helpful tool and, best of all, it is completely free.

Webmaster Tools often operates as a slightly more basic version of Analytics. Here you will be able to get an idea of which websites are linking back to yours and it is here that you will get a message should the website fall foul of Google’s guidelines to the point where it is manually penalised.

Decide on Your Keywords

This is not as simple as it would at first seem. The key to choosing proper keywords is being realistic. For example if your business is in Birmingham and you offer mobile phone repair services, do not decide that keywords such as mobile phones or mobile phone repairs are the ones you should be targeting. Yes they are the big traffic terms but they are also massively competitive, with a host of more-established sites already fighting it out.

Instead start small. Target your keywords locally, such as mobile phone repair in Aston, and try to pick up what are called long tail keywords to bring in more valuable site hits. Above all else be realistic about your aims and the quality of the website.

SEO Checklist For A New Website - Part One Pear Digital

Titles and Meta Descriptions

With your keywords decided upon make sure you incorporate them naturally into the title tags and meta descriptions for each one of your website’s page. Don’t both with meta keywords. Google doesn’t.


Sorting out the robots.txt file can be a little intimidating but it is important, especially if you have a site that delivers things like confirmation pages and other things that don’t have a lot of content. Use the file to tell Google which pages it doesn’t need to consider for search ranking and thus improve the overall strength of your website by only delivering the content that is considered of high quality.

The Content

If your website is live you will already have some content in place. Now is the time to optimise it using the keywords you selected earlier. The important thing to remember here is to not place the keyword everywhere you think you can. The content needs to read well so only place the keyword in places where it makes sense in the context of the text.

Got all that? Good. This list is by no means complete and we will be revisiting it next week to provide a few more tips on what you need to do with a new website to give it a good base in SEO.

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