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New Data Shows Organic Search is Main Traffic Provider

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September 5, 2014



Despite Google’s desire to make their adverts as prominent as possible in search results, a recent study has suggested that organic search is still the main traffic provider for a host of different industries, further proving why having a good organic search strategy is a pivotal part of owning a website.

The data, which was provided by an SEO platform called BrightEdge and was reported on at demonstrates that the majority of the websites the tool looked at showed that organic search topped PPC and social channels when it came to driving traffic to a website.

The data was fairly consistent across a number of industries, including retail, business services and the technological sector. Furthermore, paid search was also shown to vary depending on the industry being examined, which lends further credence to the thought that any potential ad campaigns must be thoroughly researched before having any money committed to them, as it may be a better option to simply conduct normal SEO campaigns instead.

One caveat to the report is that the ratio of traffic to revenue demonstrated that paid search is actually more effective than organic search, suggesting that people may use organic results to research a variety of companies, before clicking on the first result related to the brand they choose in a new search. This new search would often see the brand chosen appear as an advert before the organic result and users may be clicking on that ad to make their purchase.

The media and entertainment sectors in particular were found to benefit very directly from PPC despite achieving higher traffic figures through organic search.

It’s interesting reading and, if nothing else, stresses that a multi-faceted online marketing campaign that is tailored to a particular business is usually the best way to go.

For those who are interested, here’s the original report.

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