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Choosing The Right Images During Web Development

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June 11, 2016



Choosing The Right Images During Web Development Pear Digital
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The images that you use on your site are going to play a large part in how engaged a user will be when they visit. As such, you need to keep images in mind right at the beginning of the website development process, ensuring that you have the right pictures in place to attract viewers, while also making sure that your site isn’t so image-heavy that it distracts away from the content that you want users to actually read.

These simple pointers will help you when selecting and using your images, allowing you to enjoy a smoother web design process in the bargain.

Choose Quality

It can be all too easy to just pic the first images that you find on Shutterstock, or any other image website. Such sources are excellent, but you need to know how to use them and have a definite idea of the sort of tone you want to set on your site. Generic images will turn people off almost immediately, in many cases, so always look for quality. As a general rule, if something appeals to your own artistic sensibilities, then there is a good chance that it will appeal to your customers as well. If you pick something that you think is boring, why would your visitors feel any different?

Consider Image Size

The file size of your image should also play a part in how you make your selections. A picture might look absolutely spectacular, but if it is a few megabytes in size, you’re going to find that visitors with slower internet connections end up bouncing away from the site. This means that you need to optimize your images, ensuring they maintain their visible quality, while also keep the size of the actual files as low as possible. Experiment using image editing software, as different file types will often give you the same visible results with vastly different file sizes.

Try To Be Unique

There can be few things more embarrassing for a brand that is trying to set itself apart from the crowd that making use of an image that can be seen on a host of other websites. Ideally, your images should be unique to your website, perhaps even taken by yourself or a professional in the field. If you do choose to source your images online, try to pick out ones that are as relevant as possible to your brand and are thus less likely to be used by others.

Don’t Overuse Them

You also need to consider your image use from an SEO perspective, and this goes far beyond just making sure they have alt tags attached to them. Consider your image positioning carefully on each page of your website. They should be capable of catching the eye, while also encouraging people to read the actual content. If you overload your pages with images, your users will experience slower loading times and may end up finding it more difficult to find the information they actually need. Always keep accessibility and user-friendliness in mind during the web development process.

Choosing The Right Images During Web Development Pear Digital
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