TXG Product Options

The product options for TXG were a challenge, but we managed to customise heavily and get the result they needed.

A clean and clear website

Though, complicated, TXG's website can be navigated through easily by the end user - that is what it's about at the end of the day

TXG ( Tour Experience Golf)

Services delivered

Website Build and Design

Extensive Theme Customization

Major product customisation options using Bold Apps

Bulk product upload

If you like golf you may have heard of TXG. They are the top dogs when it comes to golf clubs and golf equipment. Despite the strength of their brand, they lacked when it came to their online presence especially their website. They were not looking for a cookie-cutter website job, they were looking to have someone build them a website that actually delivers an experience for their customers. This was by far one of the most complicated but fun projects to work on.

TXG are big in the golf space and really wanted to get a hole in one when it came to conveying their brand message and alongside a memorable customer experience. Like many businesses lockdown meant that they now had the time and clarity to focus on getting things done right with their website.

They weren’t just after a nice looking website, they wanted to really push the boat out in terms of creating an experience for the customer when it came to choosing the right Golf club. From what we know (no keen golfers at Pear Digital) selecting the right golf club is critical for a golf enthusiast. This means that everything needed to be as perfect for the customer as possible.

The challenge was configuring and heavily customising not just the theme but also the bold app to allow for the numerous product selection options such as making sure the customer can choose the right shaft, hosel setting, length, grips, tape wraps and much more. We also had to make sure that certain combinations were only applicable to certain product lines. To put that into numbers it was a product range of around 2100 products with each product having its own unique combination grips, shafts etc. That was one big spreadsheet the team had to work from.

We also had to ensure that the client had good quality images of all the products and accessories in place and we then had to match all the images and image URL’s to the different product options and combinations.

The project time scale was 6 weeks and we stuck to it so that the website was ready in time for golf season and easing of lockdown in certain countries. This was a project that required extreme attention to detail and a lot of manual work when it came to bulk uploading as we didn’t want things to be missed or left out which would have caused no end of problems. But having 3 of our top website design and build team working on this project meant quality control was on point.

What the Client says:

Allya was excellent to work with. She always responded to our questions quickly, was patient when our own team hit delays and the Pear team always got done what we asked. We were quoted a price and that's exactly what we were charged in the end - no surprises! I highly recommend Pear for setting up a Shopify site! We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Allya. We also had a few calls with Taz and he was wonderful too.

TXG is storming ahead and with lockdown easing and golf enthusiasts getting back on the courses things are looking good for these guys.  They are doing a lot of live streams on Facebook which result’s in tons of sales, and they are also working with us continuously in improving the website and online presence through various marketing activities. We love working with them and wish them continued growth and success.

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