It doesn't have to look amazing, but a site like this must be functional

Ebay and Amazon to Shopify

This client was on eBay and Amazon but wanted their own website presence so we created them their Shopify store


Services delivered

Theme set-up and customisation

eBay and Amazon integration

Data migration

Connecting Zen Store to Shopify

Right, let’s get the big elephant out of the room. This website does not look pretty. We know this and the client knows this. But it’s OK because being pretty is not what this project was about. It was about sales and conversion to the absolute MAX.

The client approached us with a big problem. They have a very successful business selling their range of industrial cleaning and household cleaning products through eBay and Amazon. But the problem they faced was that eBay and Amazon were charging them significant transaction fees and other charges which were hitting their margins, and from time to time without notice would restrict the client product listings for no apparent reason which would no doubt hurt the business. The client would then need to go through appeals and wait several days for things to be put right.

Enough was enough. The client wanted more control over their business and did not want to rely heavily upon eBay and Amazon. So they approached us and gave us one goal. Build them a website which they can easily manage and a website that would facilitate more sales.

So we got to work. As mentioned before, being pretty was not high on the list of priorities, but we still made sure we selected a theme and customised it so that it appeared clean and easy to navigate for the end-user. The client, after all, had over 1000 products and we needed to organise them in relevant categories.

Next, we had to data migrate the clients eBay and Amazon listings over and then configure it within Shopify so that when they get sales on eBay or Amazon they can manage the orders from one dashboard within Shopify. How cool is that?

The next step was to connect the client’s fulfilment software to their brand new Shopify website so they can keep a track of all outgoing orders without breaking a sweat.

What the Client says:

I contacted this Agency through the job board, and they have built me a site taking all my listings from ebay and amazon. They did everything. I am so pleased. Timeframe 6 weeks as promised. Definitely recommend anybody to use these guys.

No matter how great a website is if you don’t have a clue on how to promote it and get it in front of your audience then there’s no point in having a website. One of the main objectives of this project was to generate sales, to that end we built a bespoke digital marketing plan which included paid advertising and organic growth which is giving the client some fantastic returns. Looks like they will be saying goodbye to eBay and Amazon sooner than expected. 

We will create you a store that will convert