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£8,603.14 Spent £119,989.88 back in just 6 months - that's a massive 14 x ROAS

Google & Facebook Ads

Google ads: £31,000 spent, £1,013,441 in return in less than 12 months.

Facebook ads: Remarketing Campaign 64 x ROAS

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We love working with all of our clients and seeing them grow. But this client has a special place in our hearts. Bully Billows who sell dog collars, leads, and harnesses approached us back in June 2020 and asked us to carry out some custom coding work on their old Shopify website. It was meant to be a one-off task but somehow the relationship grew as one job led to another and we realised that these guys have a fantastic brand, amazing product and solid work ethic. Sales were good but we believed that sales could be BETTER!

The first thing that needed sorting was their website. The old website was clean and functional and did the job, but it didn’t say anything about the brand. In other words, the old website had no soul. But we didn’t start work on building them a new website straight away. The first thing we did was revamp their online marketing strategy. Up until the moment, they met us they were only using Facebook as an advertising channel ( with a sprinkling of email marketing).

The ROAS was around 7X-9X, which was pretty good but looking at things in more detail we realised that they were paying far too much to acquire sales. This was the first problem, the second and third problem was that the audience size was too narrow and there were no remarketing campaigns. Absolute fortunes were just being left on the table.

On top of that, they were not using the power of Google ads either. So in September 2020, the client entrusted us with their online marketing revamp. Fast Forward to June 2021 and we have added an extra £1,000,000 in revenue from Google ads alone (which is a 40X ROAS) and an extra £110,000 (38X ROAS) from Snapchat ads and have increased Facebook ROAS to around 25X and in some individual campaigns up to 60X ROAS. While reducing the cost to acquire sales by 70% across all sales channels.

Now they are ready to scale things further and working with us to grow the business to multiple seven figures in revenue and beyond.

The client has an ambitious goal of revolutionizing the K9 industry with quality products and a brand message that will appeal to the hearts of anyone who owns a dog. They are constantly improving the quality of their products and are always looking to launch new product lines. Right now we have plans to help the client scale big time in the USA which we are working towards and we are doubling down on their marketing so that they become the number one choice for anyone who owns a dog.

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