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We will add an extra $1-$5M to your annual recurring revenue to your business in 12 months or less.

Pear Digital works to scale healthy e-commerce businesses and take them to the next level of their growth. If you are serious about adding multiple 7 figures to your bottom line, then we need to talk.

Case study: £5M in 12 months

Here are a few clients who we love working with

Join 50+ existing clients who went from making $50,000 per month to almost $500,000 per month, and in some cases even more.

We will help you generate a Return on Ad Spend you can brag about and profit you can touch.


Spent in ads


In return in 12 months

That’s a return of just over 10X. Make sense?

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Scaling up your business does not require a genius-level intellect.

We take the guesswork out of what works and what will not work.

Our multi-phase approach is designed for long term growth.  Oh, and we also eliminate the risk. If in 30 days we don’t move you in the right direction you’ll get a full refund. We are 100% performance-based.

Would you like a predictable, evergreen unstoppable money-making, revenue-generating machine?  Of course, you would.

At Pear Digital we don’t just run ads. Anyone can do that. What we do is build systems designed around YOUR growth. We want to predictably and confidently spend $1 and generate $3,$7 or more back in return. If your business does not have something as predictable as this is guaranteeing one thing. NO GROWTH.  All our clients have their own system built designed to generate the best possible ROI based on their business. Having this system in place leads to one thing without fail. LOTS OF GROWTH.

Go on...Break the internet.

In 2020 during the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of our clients was so overwhelmed with orders that they had a backlog of around 1200 orders to ship out.

They generated £185k worth of orders. That’s a 192% increase in sales during 23/11/2020 -30/11/2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Our system made them (and continues to make them) tons of money, but they can’t hire pick and pack staff quick enough to keep up with orders. It’s a nice problem to have.

Our 3 phased method to get you moving on up.

Let’s take a spin in your CAR...

In this case, CAR stands for Copywriting Analysis and Research. Before we spend even $1 we need to take a look underneath the hood. This process effectively tears apart your entire sales and acquisition process so that we both can see where things are going right and wrong. This phase gives us a rich understanding of your perfect customer, your competitors, your industry as a whole and where we can add some serious and tremendous value. 

By working on this together we identify the weak links in your sales acquisition process and start building the system that is going to keep your ad spend delivering a phenomenal ROI.

This little piggy went to market…

Once we have all the information needed from the CAR process such as your ideal customer and their traits and characteristics, competitor analysis etc, We then use this information to create the first draft of ads to begin testing and collect that all-important data. This process is pretty cut-throat in that we have a very strict method we use to weed out data points that don’t perform at the point we want them to.

Once we have enough data from this first round of ads we then create another set of ads which, on average are 2-4X more profitable. These ads have room for scale and once they get going we then build a tailored customer journey that takes them from the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel where they become a paying customer of yours.

To UNIFIED profitability and beyond…

By the time these ads get going, we will have enough data to know everything we need to know about your audience and if anything should change in their consumer behaviour we have processes in place to accommodate that into our systems so nothing that could benefit gets left behind. At this point in time, we can now start injecting our proven system with a higher ad spend and start scaling you to hit those millions in revenue.

What's unified profitability you ask? Online marketing is changing, with consumers being concerned about tracking and privacy to creating more personalised and immersive shopping experience, we look at ALL your channels as one big whole rather than individual elements. This allows us to create strategies that harness the strengths of all the channels so that YOUR business thrives.

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Need some proof? Here you go.

See How We Do It Here:

case study: $5M in 12 months


Here’s How We Did It.

When this client came to us (who is now becoming a force to be reckoned with in the pet product niche) approached us for some technical work on their website. We noticed they were making just over £300k per year with only one source of advertising which was Facebook ads. The ads were doing well. But there was no strategy or system in place to push things to the next level. Everything was being done haphazardly. We started to take over the generation of their sales and deployed our proven system and having anticipated the major changes that were due to happen with Facebook (ios14) our system involved leveraging additional sales channels such as Google ads, organic growth, email and sms marketing and other social media channels. By leveraging the data and applying our rapid scaling methods and looking at their cost per sale and cost per goods we started to squeeze every last bit out of their ad spend. Within 12 months they almost hit £4m in revenue that’s a 198% increase from the previous year in 2021. Going into 2022 this revenue is projected to grow to £7M with big expansion plans in the USA and Europe. Exciting times for this client.

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£5.1M in 12 short month’s.

Here’s how we did it

The health care and health niche, in general, is very tough and competitive. Some of the big players spend millions of dollars across a multitude of advertising platforms. It almost makes you think why anyone would start a business in this space. Well, our client did and after some success, they hit a point where they needed professional help with their marketing. At first, we hesitated to take them on but there was something about their drive to succeed that made us stop and think. They were making around £70k per month in revenue across one sales channel which was Facebook. It was doing well but we knew that by leveraging Google ads(which was non-existent for them) we can get them moving at breakneck speeds. Within six months we took their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from £90k to £416k extra per month generating them £5.15M in revenue in 12 months in 2021. That’s insane. We applied our three-phase model and opened up additional conversion points within their digital assets and really pushed this brand out there. By the end of 2022, this client is set to turn over around £10m in revenue. We have only been working with them for 8 months.  So excited to see how they grow in 2022.

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£360,000 in 30 days...We love a challenge

Here’s how we did it.

Fashion is a space that’s really competitive and unless you have a healthy budget and the guts to crack on then your not going to get very far. After the ios14 update, this client approached us and they were STRESSED to the max. The update killed their best Facebook ads, tracking was off and the cost for running the ads had gone through the roof. It was costing them more to run the ads than the items they were selling. So we got to work to bring the account into line with the new ios updates, we applied the CAR method and guided them through what they need to do around creatives and we also applied our much loved three-phased method to bring the account back on track. Within 30 days we reduced their ad spend by 27%, scaled their profitable ads aggressively by keeping an eye on their cost per sale and we actually got them in a better space than they were before.

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£1.25M during 2020. A tough one

Here’s how we did it

This client is in the children's toy space and business for them has always been tough. With margins as small as 10-15% and around 20-30% of their product line being loss leaders the last thing this client needed was what happened in 2020.  During 2020 they faced enormous issues with their online presence due to a poor website, internal issues with deliveries etc. Most businesses cut marketing costs down to zero and hunkered down during 2020. This client almost did the same.

But at a time like this, the best thing you can do is spend and smash your way back to profitability. So we got to work and rebuilt their website, restructured their marketing campaigns and applied our famed three-phased approach and from January 2020 until December 2020 we helped this client turn £16,000 of ad spend over 12 months into a massive £1.25M in revenue. Not bad at all.

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£1.5k into £20k in ONE day...Hard to believe?

Here’s how we did it.

This tech-based e-commerce client was struggling with ads.  They were running it themselves or had someone else run it for them for peanuts. They were literally spending £600 per day and getting back around £450 per day. A loss obviously.

When you don’t have a strategy and if you try to do it yourself without fully understanding all the elements of what goes into a successful marketing campaign then losses like we mentioned above, will happen. After all, you wouldn’t perform heart surgery on yourself, would you?

So when they approached us we made it clear that we are not a bunch of freelance rookies who just run ads. We are a growth marketing company and we look at everything long term. The client was onboarded and then we did a deep dive into their ideal customer persona, looked at their product lines, their margins on the product lines, worked out their breakeven ROAS and then got to work. Just over a week later we were spending £1k per day and getting back around £15k-£17k per day consistently. This client went from making a loss to having a monthly run rate of around £500k per month in just over a week of us taking over his marketing. Clear proof that scaling up and growing is not as complicated if you leave it to the professionals.

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£6k to £250k in SIX months, this single mum of two was overjoyed.

Here’s how we did it.

Marketing is not just about having large and healthy budgets (although having a decent budget does help).  But when you niche down and have something unique to offer to a specific group of people it can be a little bit easier.

But if your content is not appealing to your audience then nothing you do will work. This client in the fashion education space was struggling big time and we were literally her last chance. She had a fantastic product that appealed to a specific group of people but her content just didn’t seem to resonate with them. So we got to work to understand more about her business, her customer’s journey once they buy from her and how to further segment her target market for more accurate results. So we got started with the creative side of things and then worked towards the technical aspects of the project and took her on a journey of her own. When we looked back at everything after the first 6 months to say we were proud is an understatement. We actually helped turn her life around and by the end of 2021, the client is due to hit £1.2M in sales and has the ability to really help her little family. Amazing.

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£2M in 6 months. That’s a tall order.

Here’s how we did it.

It’s not often we get asked by a client can you make me £1M in 6 months. But when you make double that in the same amount of time it really gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. This client in the jewellery space was burned badly before by another agency so they were naturally very dubious in speaking with us. Like fashion, jewellery and fashion accessories is a tough space and you have to really be on your A-game to get heard and seen.
So we looked at everything and the main problem they had was their delivery times for the customised jewellery items. This was their most popular product line but also the one which caused the most complaints. We told the client that they needed to sort this and helped them build out a separate sales funnel and FAQ section which addresses most customer questions/complaints. Having this automated through some apps improved customer satisfaction and the next step was to be aggressive in collecting testimonials which we then used in our ads.
By building a customer-generated content machine that kept churning out five-star reviews and using this content in our ads we managed to meet and exceed the client expectations. Not bad for 6 months of work.

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£500k (almost) in just 30 days. Happy days.

Here’s how we did it.

This client was already in a good place. They were doing around £130k per month with their home decor products and their profit margin was very decent. However, they knew that things could be great. When they contacted us we sat down and looked at what they had to offer. We found that creating a combination of ‘bundles’ of their existing products and then crafting a range of specific ads to a niche audience showing these new bundles could open up a whole new, unseen and untapped revenue stream. In addition to this, we overhauled their creatives/copy and also updated the various conversion point’s in their website where customers were dropping off.

By applying our methods and crafting specific event-based offers we managed to really scale the client hard and fast within 30 days. This set the tone for the next six months and they are now well on their way to scaling past £7M per year.

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£1M in 12 months... Unstoppable

Here’s how we did it.

This client in the skin and hair care niche wanted to scale things up but just didn’t know how to do it. They were spending good money after bad and not getting anywhere. Their product was great, they had a loyal customer base and a good brand presence, but despite all this, they were not moving in the right direction. The client had over 3000 products with variations, so we created multiple sales funnels based on the product lines and our customer/competitor analysis and went back to the basics of cost of goods vs cost of sale etc.

We showed the client that their current strategy of showing one type of ad of one product to a wide range of potential customers is counterproductive to creating a personalised experience. So we applied our proven strategies and segmented their vast product range and began scaling and testing aggressively to see where the most gains were.  With this strategy in place, we managed to turn £94k into £1M. That’s a 10.60X ROAS with such a high spend over a 12 month period.

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£820K in 60 days. No pressure then.

Here’s how we did it.

This Client in the sustainable products space needed to figure out why her ads were not delivering the results he wanted. After some digging around and research, we identified that the key issue was their sales funnel had far too many drop off points and their remarketing was done on a fire and forget basis. Their audience was seeing the same ad over and over again which caused tremendous ad fatigue and was actually hurting the brand. So we overhauled their ad creatives and copy created specific and highly personalised offers and really went to town on their competitor and customer research. The end result was that the client made £820k in 60 days in comparison to £560k in the last 12 months of 2020.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Here’s How We Did It.

This client is unique, they approached us back in August 2021 with ZERO sales and ZERO revenue. They were literally starting from scratch. But with a measured and steady approach we were able to get them moving in the right direction. Now we don’t normally work with clients who have no proof of concept or a sales record but with this client we saw potential for growth.

We started with building out their ads using Facebook and Instagram and as you can see over a 6 months period we turned £6500 into £86k. This suited the client as we both wanted to really control the way the budget was spent and the client was not keen on explosive, rapid growth as they were more keen on understanding their audience and what kind of creatives and ads work. By having this patient approach we found some really good winning combos and have also expanded the client’s marketing into Google ads and email marketing. Just goes to show that being patient can and will pay off.

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This client loved Testing.

Here’s How We Did It.

This client in the health and well being space was the first to say to us “ I’m not concerned about a high ROI yet, I’m more concerned about what my audience likes”. So many businesses assume they know what their audience wants and they just push all sorts of ads with all sorts of offers out which don’t resonate or relate. This is a big problem and leads to massive cost per sales and low profitability. Over a 12 month period in 2021 this client spent £30k and we managed to generate just over £300k in revenue. But the most valuable thing we gained was data. This data allowed us to refine their campaigns and add in more sales channels and now this client is set to hit £1.6M in 2022.

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Don’t forget the bricks and mortar.

Here’s How We Did It.

This client in the health and fitness space, wanted a new approach to sales in 2021. They wanted to get past the madness of the last 18 months and welcome people back in their physical store as well as boost online sales. So we got to work with our “unified marketing” strategy and also helped them create a new subscription based product. This resulted in generating over $70k of recurring revenue along with an overall increase in sales by 14%. We also ran campaigns which drove more footfall into their bricks and mortar location and drove up sales by 7%.  Overall things are looking positive and as the world gets back to normal the client is thinking about opening up another store.

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We all got to eat, right?

Here’s How We Did It.

This client in the food space was struggling to find the right balance between ROI and brand presence. They have an amazing range of products but were confused about what approach to take in creating an effective marketing campaign.

So we decided to help them with our “unified marketing” method and created customized strategies for all their channels. This resulted in dozens of products being tested along with several new systems being put in place to pump out creatives. The result… £3.5M in 12 months up by 29% from the previous year. I guess everybody is going to eat well in 2021.

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It’s for founders and e-com business owners who are reaching their peak and want to break through the ceiling.

For E-com business owners who feel they are not growing the way they KNOW they should

For E-com business owners who have been let down by other agencies who promised the world

For E-com business owners who are genuinely committed to working with us as partners to scale to £1-£5M and beyond

For E-com business owners who want to annihilate their competition and become market leaders.

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