Using TikTok To Search For The Essentials: Creators, Content, Community and More!

When we look at the thriving abundance of TikTok videos, content creators and global audience... it can be hard to know where to begin. How can you find the right content to tap into, that will really help your brand take off?


TikTok is so much more than viral videos of cats falling off things, celebrity feuds, trending dances and singing duets. As we have covered in our other articles - there is a previously untapped wealth of eager consumers hidden within the social media platform. Users are now spending over an hour and a half (90 minutes) per day on the app, and one of the driving forces for this is the feeling of 'community'.


When the internet first took off in the 90s the general public were quick to sneer at people who made 'online friends' in the basic chat rooms. However, 25 years on, it is now extremely common to feel an affinity to a group of people online who you have never met, but share the same interests as you. Fostering this feeling of solidarity during uncertain times, TikTok is gaining a reputation for being a great place to advertise.


There are many different ways to slip into the fast-paced world of TikTok advertising, these include influencer partnerships and the more 'traditional' adverts that appear as users scroll through their feed.


How Do I Find The Relevant Stuff?


TikTok might not be everyone's cup of tea. After all, some people prefer Twitter as it's text-based, some are visual connoisseurs on Instagram, some like long discussions on Facebook - so it is understandable that some people will not want to be bombarded with short, seemingly random, videos. The good news is, that there are easy ways to find things you like on TikTok, here is a quick low-down for anyone who is not a regular user.


The algorithm shows you a 'For You Page', known in the business as FYP. The videos displayed here are the result of the things you have clicked on, searched for and liked. Anything attached to the videos you've watched (such as hashtags, sounds and content creators) are processed by the algorithm to create your FYP. The general idea is that the more you use the app and interact with content, the more the algorithm gets to know what you like, and it will position it in front of you.


Finding content on your own requires searching. This is something that everyone is familiar with. You type in a phrase or a word and TikTok will scour its videos to find you the most related content.  You can also search for specific content creators in this way, typing in their user name. You can search hash tags, and if you may have mistyped a word, the search bar gives you suggestions... a lot like when you type a couple of words into Google and it finishes your sentence.


Because you have this search option, as well as the FYP, it means that exposure to content is easier than ever for creators. At the same time, users can find their own communities to interact with, whether it's an aesthetic lifestyle look based on hashtags, or a group of creators who post similar content; there's something for everyone.


So, How Does This Impact Digital Marketing On TikTok?


The search function on TikTok is not only useful for users on the platform to connect with like-minded people, it is also a way that clever digital marketers can get their brand in front of the right communities at the right times. It has never been easier to position your business where established and new customers alike can begin to browse.


The reality of TikTok in 2022 is that fledgling accounts can gain followers and views fairly quickly, compared to the established behemoths of social media like Instagram and YouTube. Meaning that  any brands looking to get noticed can jump on trends such as songs, dances, and challenges where your content will actually get seen by a wide audience. If you're using the popular hashtags, and interacting with similar users, there's no reason why your videos shouldn't start being shown in the 'top' results.


The effort needed to create content for TikTok is relatively low, this is because you can repurpose existing campaign material from other platforms. The main thing you need to do is research the trending hashtags, accounts, and ensure you are not using any copyrighted material. There are so many different styles of short videos that you are sure to have something in your arsenal that can suit even the quirkiest of trends!


By approaching digital marketing on TikTok in this way, you can create content that doesn't initially appear to be advertising, and at that point the user is invested in the video. Striking the balance between visibly paid marketing content and genuine playful videos is a tightrope that it pays well to walk. In a business where consumers value genuine engagement from brands, TikTok could be your key to dominating your industry.