Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial

Start advertising on the worlds largest social media platform

Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial
Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial
Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial
Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial
Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial
Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial

Facebook Ads Set-up and Tutorial

Are you a new Shopify or eCommerce business owner and you are confused about Facebook ads? Not sure if a pixel is a real thing?  Heard horror stories about using Facebook ads? Well don't worry, this training/done with you course will demystify Facebook ads and get on the right path with them. We are Facebook ads experts and manage over £3million of our client's ad budgets per year and help them generate millions in revenue, so we know a thing or two about this beast of an advertising platform.  

When you buy this service you will get.

🎯 Help with setting up your Facebook assets such as your business manager, ad account, pixel, etc.

🎯 Integrate all your Facebook assets into your Shopify website

🎯 Set up your aggregated events

🎯 Set up your initial ad campaigns and ad sets (3 campaigns max with 3-5 ad sets each)

🎯 Verify your domain with Facebook

🎯 Provide 1 hour per week (for one month) of training over zoom to train you in managing your Facebook ads and your ad account and answer any questions you may have.

🎯 Free report after the first 30 days on your ads performance.

🎯 Ongoing support where you can ask as many questions via our slack channel (you just need to sign-up to slack)


When you buy this service we will also give you a 40-page document (Google doc and PDF) on how to create high converting retargeting campaigns, how to refine your Facebook ad targeting, AND how to reverse engineer your competitor's Facebook ad strategy.


A Free ads budget calculator so you can calculate how much ad budget you will need to spend for the best possible return for your ads.

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Facebook is a huge social media platform with over 2 Billion active users worldwide. That's a lot of potential customers.  It's an interest-based marketing platform, which means we need to use Facebook ads to capture people's attention. 

This package is perfect if you are just starting out with your Shopify store and need guidance on how to run Facebook ads but can't quite yet afford a monthly ads management service from an agency.

This service is broken down into two parts. The first is setting up your initial Facebook ads and finding out more about your business, goals, and objectives.  This is done over by filling out a questionnaire.  The second is getting your ads set up and then we have four 1 hour zoom calls to train you on how to manage the account. 

 Finding the Right Audience                Creating enticing offers

 Building a sales funnel                         Create converting copy

 Precision Targeting                              Remarketing Campaigns

In addition to the above, we will also set up all your main events, walk you through the do's and dont's of Facebook ads, and make sure your pixel is set up correctly. 

Before buying please read the disclaimer below. 

***DISCLAIMER***  We always follow Facebook's guidance regarding ad policies, however, from time to time the Facebook algorithm may reject ads or ban the ad account. In the majority of cases, the ad account and ads can be restored within 48 hours after submitting an appeal.  Our ad set-up is an initial set-up and consultation only and does not guarantee any sales.