Maqio Facebook Ads

Here are just some of the numbers:

14 x ROAS Cold Campaign

35 x ROAS Remarketing Campaign


Numbers of Interest:

£16,400 Spent - £1.2m Generated

That's around 76 ROAS over 12 months


Services delivered

Google Ads management service

Facebook ads management service

In our previous case study with Maqio we went through the notable challenge in getting their website redesigned and rebuilt using Shopify three weeks before the busiest time in the e-commerce calendar. But as we all know a pretty, shiny new website is as useful as a helicopter with an ejector seat if you can’t get it in front of your customers. So while the website was being built the Pear Digital marketing team started laying the groundwork for an explosive marketing campaign that would not just deliver amazing results during BFCM but all year round.

The first thing we had to do was take a look at their Google account as this was their only sales channel, on the whole, the set-up was OK but the lack of campaign depth and the reliance on auto recommendations made the campaigns very expensive. Given that the business had very small margins of around 5-15% the reliance was on selling volume to absorb losses. The average cost per sale was around £3.30 and this meant that a lot of the sales were actually at a loss.

So we ended up making sure that during our rebuild of their Google ads we expand the campaign depth and really segment the audience according to the different product lines so we hit the right audience with the right product at the right time.

We also had to keep an eye on their margins and ensure that the cost per sale did not go through the roof. That was tricky.

Alongside Google, we also started working on getting them set up on Facebook ads. They never ran an aggressive ads campaign on Facebook before as they did not believe it would work for them. But we know a thing or two about Facebook and built them a successful ad campaign where they started seeing a positive result straight away.

Within Google, we started to expand ads across Google Shopping and YouTube and got really aggressive with ad placements across Instagram and over time the client started seeing some pretty amazing results. The conversions went from 0.30% to 8% and beyond which had a massive impact on ROAS while keeping their margins healthy.

Our aim for Maqio was to add at least £750,000 in revenue within twelve months and we are on track to do just that that while keeping them on ROAS of around 20X consistently. Keeping these figures in mind means that future growth will be sustainable and more profitable for the brand. They are great to work with and we really have a collaborative approach with them which means everyone is on the same page when it comes to growing this business.

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