Why Your Business Needs Google Ads

Your business will be more successful if the Google Ads campaign is carried out with expert knowledge. This is a simple fact; the more you know, the better your results will be. Imagine running for Prime Minister with only your manifesto bullet points to hand, and no campaign team behind you. The people won't get to hear your great ideas, and you won't have the time or resources to be the best version of yourself. It's the same with Google Ads. Get the right people working for you, and your business will shine. 

The first thing you need to be aware of is that there is a difference between just using SEO (search engine optimisation) on your Shopify site, and running a Google Ads campaign. When you browse on Google for a product and you see a company's landing page in the top results, this is usually because they are running an advert. Google Ads increase conversions, have a huge reach, are highly targetted, and in most cases you only pay for clicks. 

A good way to look at advertising on Google is that where Facebook advertising is based on interest, Google’s advertising is based on intention. The person is already on a search engine browsing for an item, they don't need to be convinced from scratch that they 'must have it' - they just need to be nudged in the right direction. The paid advertising channel has been around since 2012, that's almost a decade of serving the online customer, and a decade of experience for people like us to draw on. Pear Digital have been a Google Partner Agency since 2014, and we currently manage around £3 million per year in budget for our clients... 

So, what makes us the perfect fit for you? Because we have so much knowledge in the field of Google Ads we pride ourselves on being pragmatic and not over-committing. Here are two case studies of how our advertising techniques have improved a company's revenue, it also proves our dedication to each of our clients. You can find our study with Maqio here, and our second study with Bully Billows here. We don't make unrealistic promises, because the platform is always evolving. The one thing we are certain of is consistent growth for your campaigns! 

There are so many different ways to use Google Ads with Shopify, there is bound to be one to suit your business. You can factor in 'free placements' if you're looking for a starting point, however these will not be enough to get your brand noticed. There is also the option to only pay if you make a sale, rather than per click... if all of this is starting to sound complex, here's a quick breakdown of the different types of campaign you can run with Google Ads on Shopify. 

Shopping Ads have some alternative names such as PLAs or Product Listing Adverts. The great thing about these is that they automatically become visible in the 'shopping' tab on the Google search engine. The reach doesn't stop there, Shopping Ads can be seen by potential customers in price comparison shopping apps, on YouTube, in the Google Display Network and even on search partner websites. 

If you are stocking a well-known brand, or a unique item that has a great aesthetic, this could be the route for you. Instant impact from visual cues, a dominating presence across multiple channels. Setting up Shopping Ads is not the same as setting up traditional text-based ads, and this is where we can help. 

The second type of advert you can run via Google is a Search Ad. This means that when someone searches for a product or service you offer, your website result will appear above the organic results. The way that these adverts help you is by using key words such as "T shirt" or "coffee" and then if you have set up an advert using this word, Google will also rank your website content in it's algorithm to check that you are an active company etc. 

For example, there are specific keyword match types, so you would set your Search Ad for "best vegan organic coffee" rather than general searches for "best coffee" or "organic coffee". This may seem like it's narrowing down your options, but think about it. You you sell a specific product, you want people to notice you who require that exact product. This can translate to a higher CTR and better ROAS. Pear Digital can also help you run a successful Google Search Ad campaign for your Shopify brand. 

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using Google Ads with Shopify to increase your visibility and revenue. If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you in making an instant impact, please don't hesitate to contact us and set up a marketing discussion with us today.