The Importance Of Having Good Quality Creatives For Facebook Ads

Effective advertising in the era of the internet is always a fluid matter. Due to the amount of devices that people will be using to view your ads, there is a chance that an update to an O/S will cause a spanner in the works for your campaign. Recently it's been iOS14 that has affected the marketing industry. According to the official Facebook business press release "Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will affect how we receive and process conversion events from tools such as the Facebook pixel. Businesses that advertise mobile apps, as well as those that optimise, target and report on web conversion events from any of our business tools will be affected."


So, in real terms, what does this mean for your campaign? The changes are all to do with 'tracking' and how apps from the App Store will now need to show a prompt to iOS14 users before they proceed, and much like choosing to 'accept cookies' they will need to agree to the T&Cs for tracking. Quite rightly, Apple has been listening to it's customers and making updates as part of it becoming a more transparent company, but the changes have a knock-on effect for advertising through Facebook.


Subheading: Get creative!


To combat this change Facebook has clearly laid out a game-plan for what you can do to help your business continue to run ad campaigns successfully with accurate reporting. You can find this here. But what else do you need to do that will ensure you are reaching the full audience for your campaign, with the best chance of engagement?


As part of Facebook Ads the Creative feature is something that your business should get familiar with. Using this hub you're able to understand how different ad campaigns gain you different customer types based on experimentation, examples from other businesses, and also Creative organises ad types into cohesive subsets making it easier to navigate.


Let's get down to the core of why you should be paying attention to this area of advertising. In previous versions of Facebook you could set up ads with a photo or animated text, in a very basic way. This used to be good enough to net you a moderately good click through rate, but in 2021 and beyond? You need to understand that being creative with your advertising is the key to success. Think about it logically, in the 1950s billboards were a great way to announce your brand or product, and now we just drive past them as if they were another brick wall. You need to stand out from the "brick wall" of images and text when people are scrolling on their device. And we can make that happen.


Understand that consumption of media online (through a device such as a smart phone or a tablet) has become the norm. People using PCs and laptops usually only do so if they are already logged in to that device for another reason, such as working from home. As early as 2016 we were seeing evidence that photo and video apps were dominating, where 3/5 apps in America were predominantly visual (photo and video first). Moving on through the industry with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp rebranded as Meta you can witness this first-hand that most engagement is gained through creative adverts such as GIFS or short videos. You need something that will really stop a customer in their tracks and make them engage.

Use The Best, Get Ahead Of The Rest

The importance of amazing creatives is something that cannot be overlooked. In a world where freelancers often take on multiple roles, finding an experienced team of creative individuals who have knowledge of Facebook marketing (and the skills to get you that golden ticket of high CTR) can be like walking a tightrope. Did you know that at Pear Digital we can provide you Facebook Ad campaigns that are not only creative, but also effective? We can get you 5X or more return on your ad spend through targeted experimentation which will uncover the perfect adverts for your desired audience.


As we mentioned, Facebook used to be basic, the whole internet was emerging and growing at that time. It was easy to 'wow' a potential client with a quick bit of flash animation and a traditional 'high-street style' sales banner. Now you need to be working at a level where you can compete with high-end brands with an exponential budget. The way to do that is have a team of creatives that understand you, understand your brand, and critically – understand the advertising landscape. Inspiring videos and stunning images are the path forward.


The way we look at it is simple; you need the best advert you can a) afford and b) will reach your audience. Time is money and you may be concerned that making a video, animation, or detailed ad copy might be outside of your limitations. However, using a marketing team of creatives it's their job to turn your ideas into viable campaigns in a timely manner. They can use the Facebook Ads Creative hub in a way that is efficient and insightful.


As Mark Mehling (Marketing strategist) states "...Creative is one of the legs of the stool. You are interrupting people’s social experience trying to substitute your own. So creativity plays a role." The 'stool' being the platform that advertising sits on. At a time when other operating systems might be following the iOS14 route, you should be looking at inventive and artistic ways that you can still reach your consumers.


Get your creativity flowing and consider using a specialised marketing team for your videos, images and copy, here at Pear Digital