The Importance Of Backing Up Your Shopify Data

What is SaaS Data, and why do backups matter?

Whether you're using Shopify or another eCommerce platform, it's imperative that you backup your SaaS data. Although we are no longer in the decade where you need an entire store room to house your collection of 5 inch plastic floppy disks, we ARE in the decade where people take things for granted. Such as cloud technology working. All of the time. Without fail. Without human error.

Software As A Service (or SaaS for short) is the technical term for any cloud-based software. In Gartner’s 2021 Emerging Technology Product Leader Survey 48% of participants noted that cloud-based software was an area of investment that they were actively putting funds into. The brilliance of these applications is that it can be accessed at any time from any device, anywhere in the world. However, this is also its weakness. 

As the landscape changes for recruitment and ways of working, it is becoming more common to use freelancers and remote workers. This fairly new practice comes with risks, because you are allowing people you have never met to access important parts of your business. Accidents can happen, things can get deleted or over-written... and what can you do? Your business is already on the cloud, what happens when that data is lost? 

Human error is not the only risk of using SaaS to run your business. Deliberate targeted malware attacks on your website, natural disasters affecting the servers where your data is stored, problems with integrating software that cause data loss or loss of function – there are so many reasons that you should consider having a backup system in place that can protect your business. Right now it is estimated that only 2% of businesses ask for on-premise software, the rest is in the cloud.

According to 60% of [business] backups are incomplete and 50% of restores fail. This is a financial crisis waiting to happen when you consider that your eCommerce store is likely to be the sole revenue for your company! If your website crashed or went down for hours, are you confident that you have all your information stored and ready to be re-uploaded?

What could cause your website to be compromised?

  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. (Source Cybint)


  • 40% of small to medium sized businesses that manage their own network and use the Internet for more than e-mail will have their network accessed by a hacker, and over 50% won’t even know they were attacked. (Source Gartner Group)


  • 20% of small to medium sized businesses will suffer a major disaster causing loss of critical data every 5 years. (Source Richmond House Group)


  • 31% of targeted attacks focus on businesses with fewer than 250 employees.  (source Symantec)


  • The average cost in time of a malware attack is 50 days. (Source Accenture)


  • The average cost per lost or stolen record per individual is $146. (Source IBM)

How can you be prepared for the worst-case scenario?

The fantastic news is that it isn't all doom and gloom! Have the mentality that data loss can happen at any time, and so protect yourself in the best way possible. After searching the web for safe, reliable and cost effective options, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with Rewind.

Rewind is a fantastic company that promises to provide automatic daily backups of your SaaS Data – restored in minutes. They discovered that 75% of SaaS customers have lost data in the cloud more than once. This is anything from a deleted page of stats to whole categories from their shops!

Rewind Backups gives you full control and immediate access to your critical business data. If something happens you can restore your own data in a few simple clicks. Their system is integrated with lots of different platforms, and more are being added in the future. Shopify, BigCommerce, Quickbooks, Microsoft 365 and others are all currently supported, giving you peace of mind that your brand is in safe hands.

Don't just take our word for their success; Rewind currently has over 100,000 global users with over one thousand 5 star ratings and testimonies. Unlike other backup businesses, once you've registered with Rewind you won't have to worry about your backups until a data loss event takes place. Efficient for you, safe for your brand.

To start your 7 days free trial of Rewind Backups follow our dedicated link.

Our Top Tips For Backing Up SaaS Data & Avoiding Disasters:

  • Choose a product like Rewind that lets you restore your own data.
  • Set daily backups for small companies, and for larger enterprises make it at least 4 times a day.
  • Frequently check that you have removed old users and changed passwords.
  • Speak to your team and ask them if they have experienced issues with data loss, so that you can build up a picture of any pain points that need to be addressed.
  • Set permissions for applications where they can only access need-to-know data.
  • Encrypt resting data, and when transferring data ensure that it is also protected.