Shopify and Klaviyo - For Great Results

Klaviyo helps businesses own their marketing. In the culture of 'bee seen or be left behind' this is an essential factor in getting ahead. Gone are the days when you would outsource your admin to a faceless third party. Now you can deliver directly to your customers; exactly what you want to say, when you need it. As the creators explain "...Customer-centric businesses know the experiences they want to create, but earlier technologies haven’t been able to deal with the scale or real-time nature of information." This previously forced directors to sacrifice elements of their success, simply because original email or physical mailing lists couldn't keep up with changing pace of people's buying habits.Now, Klaviyo is available and ready to give you back the power to succeed. It helps growth-focused brands drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant email, Facebook and Instagram marketing. After all, what use is putting your message out there if no one can see it? 

One of the best features of the program is that you can see what products are getting looked at compared to which ones are being bought. This can heavily influence your marketing strategy, pricing and even website layout. Imagine having all that essential data in one place, being able to easily see who ultimately makes that purchase from being shown an advert. Click through rates, impressions – all this is now readily available without relying on third party analysts who won't have the same level of drive and determination as you - as they are not a part of the business.

Here at Pear Digital the Klaviyo feature we are most impressed with, is the facility to be able to get predictions for when your customers will buy again, and therefore when it's best to email them. That's right, there's still a place in the modern market for email, you just need to be smart about when and how you use it. In fact, everyone has at least one email address, but not everyone has an Instagram or other social media account. So, email has the potential to really drive those sales up.

The results we have achieved for our customers using Klaviyo speak for themselves: a monthly income revenue increase of around 17% and that translates in extra annual revenue of approximately $100k. The way we can help you attain and even exceed these goals, is through looking at what emails get you the most purchases. 

Currently we see that the top two performing emails are the 'welcome' email when people register via a mobile device, and the 'abandoned cart' message (letting a customer know they haven't checked out the items waiting in their basket). Remember, when you use Klaviyo the system does all the hard work for you. Once you've set up your templates you then have the freedom to adapt the wording, monitor the results, and fit marketing around your own schedule. 

The fact that the program integrates seamlessly with Shopify and Shopify Plus means that you're not adding another piece of software to your system. The intuitive menus and dashboard also give you confidence that training staff to use the onboard tools is relatively easy. Especially as it streamlines all of your email notifications from various apps into one channel for you. Less time logging in, more time marketing! 

Let's look at some more features of Klaviyo that will improve or enhance your current working Dynamic. How about being able to create specific email flows to customers that purchase a particular combination of products, to be able to sell more to them? 

The key to success is timing. If you have a customer who is purchasing high-end sports wear and sneakers, they have probably been browsing for hours looking for the best deal. They decide to buy from your store, their order is shipped and satisfactory delivery is confirmed. The customer is pleased with their products, the experience was pleasant for them and hassle free... then 48 hours later they get a friendly email suggesting items that compliment their original purchase. They're already in a 'happy' mindset and are more likely to consider buying again. 

Previously this chain of events would have been a process full of different software, analytics carried out on 'similar customer' groups, nothing was very bespoke. Klaviyo flips that around and allows you to be incredibly specific, with just a fraction of the work behind the scenes. The reason for this is the unrivalled access it has to your customer data. This isn't some generic look at your brand, this is drilling down and getting to the heart of your business; the people who want your products. 

"From entrepreneurs to iconic brands -Thousands of companies in over 80 countries use Klaviyo to get off the ground and own their growth." If you would like to join that number ask yourself; do you have around 1,500 orders or more a month through your channels? Do you have revenue of at least $5,000 a month with the hope to increase? If the answer to these questions is 'yes' then Klaviyo could be your next step.