Okendo Reviews Get The Best CX Feedback For Your Brand

"Don’t just build a brand. Build a community." 

Community is definitely the theme of the 2020's, whether it's because self-isolating bought us closer together, or whether it's because the digital landscape has started its next evolutionary step – feeling as if you are part of a group is essential. 

Reviews get you noticed. 

Shoppers today are savvy when it comes to sniffing out 'fake' reviews. As a writer, I have also had my fair share of 'fake review requests' in my agency inbox. These come in the form of brands offering a small amount of money for you to purchase their cheapest item, then leaving a review on their website for the brand (not the item). But... if you're trying to buy a lawnmower and all the purchased items are packets of sunflower seeds, with ambiguous reviews attached such as "amazing customer service 5/5" or "great products, would buy again!" then you're going to start suspecting that the company is a little shady. 

The issue, for online and high street businesses, comes in the form of enticing the customer to leave feedback that goes beyond a simple star rating. The millisecond it takes to press a button or click a link and give an anonymous rating is much preferable to consumers, rather than spending the time to write a real review. In retail there is a well-known saying that if something goes well, or you enjoy your new purchase, you'll tell 3 people... if something goes wrong, or the item is low quality you'll tell around 12 people. 

This can be seen on social media, upscaled. Think of all the hashtags that get utilized when something has gone wrong or an item hasn't met expectations – short review videos are made, Tweets get sent out, Instagram posts with photo evidence are uploaded. Thousands upon thousands of people will watch reviews, more often than not, they are cheap 'budget' quality items with scathing reviewers complaining... the thing is, humans love to watch other humans 'fail' or get frustrated. It gives the reader/viewer a sense of relief; "I'm so glad that didn't happen to me!" Attached to that sensation will be a strong opinion which the person will hold onto for a very long time. This all relates to a psychological feature called Loss Aversion, which we'll look into in another blog! 

People will attach themselves and form deeper emotions towards a loss they suffered, than if they had experienced the exact same transaction as a gain. Basically, if someone gave you the exact product you wanted and it was a gift, or you got a discount, you'd be extremely happy... but, if someone stole that product from you, or something went wrong and it never arrived at your house in the first place, you would feel extremely sad, angry and frustrated – these emotions would be deeper and more ingrained in you than if it had gone well. 

This is why capturing truthful reviews for good, smooth shopping transactions is the key to unlocking your brand potential! 

The best way to get high-value feedback? 

There are plenty of apps and techniques that companies can use to gather reviews, but not all of them are compatible with the software and platforms that you operate on. We love Shopify, and so the brand we recommend is Okendo. 

As a digital marketing agency, it's our job to work with clients and get them the best results. As you can imagine, this is a journey that we continuously take, because so many new apps and features get created every month! When we partner with a brand, its because we use them on a regular basis – just like Okendo. 

This handy app is certified by Shopify Plus and is a sure-fire way to increase your Customer Lifetime Value as well as your Average Order Value... how? By showcasing consumer's real shopping experiences with your brand, and encouraging potential customers to shop with you based on trust and quality. 

Features we love! 

At Pear Digital we can rave about the 500+ 5* reviews on Shopify, and the increasing number of 5* reviews on Capterra, but really it's the ease and depth in which Okendo performs to get the best out of the customer feedback for your brand.