New TikTok Tool Surfaces - Interesting Insights

In the advertising world TikTok is still considered a fairly 'new' platform to work with. Now that it has firmly got a foothold in Gen Z and beyond, the appeal of TikTok for direct marketing to specific demographics is becoming clear. It may be slightly smaller than the other behemoths, but it's here to stay with it's own unique advantages.


In this article we want to share with you the latest updates to TikTok's insights tool. As a brand, you'll understand how important insights are, whether it's data within your own business or data collected on potential customer's spending habits. The brilliant news is that TikTok has launched a new insights tool for surfaces marketers to use.


The main advantage of the tool is that users can choose to target very specific audiences. If your brand is niche, has a unique following, or a feature product that appeals to a tight demographic – this could be the tool for you!




As with any platform, when you click onto the insights section, you'll be presented with several pieces of information in the form of 'tiles'. These are easy to absorb, and                designed to be the 'FAQs' of information on TikTok. However, the new filtering system allows you to get as granular as you like – meaning that you can really study the stats to find out the habits of your audience.


As an example, you can find out how a certain age group reacts to certain ads in a specific location. You are initially presented with, let's say, Gen Z users in the UK, but you can filter that down to see how Gen Z audiences react to marketing in that area. This is extremely useful, because if your brand ad campaign is not doing well on the TikTok platform, you can look at the stats and tell whether it's a generic issue with your industry sector in that location, or whether your campaign needs adjusting or re-targetting.


Another great feature of the insight tool is that you can explore how users react during holidays and events. This will make forecasting a lot more successful for you, because you can use the filters to find out almost anything you need to know, and then apply it to your future campaigns.




Something that businesses will appreciate is the ability to click the 'source' link next to the insight information... this gives you the relevant detail to paste into an article or a report. Simply copy/paste, no more misclicks or attribution errors.

At the moment there is limited data in some areas, so if you apply too many filters you may end up with zero results. This is only because the tool is a new bit of kit. As time progresses you'll see that more data is available.


Our advice? If you use TikTok already, or if you are thinking of taking that first step onto the platform; now is the time. All these nifty improvements just go to show that they are investing in the future for their advertising users.