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Yahoo Announces New Mobile Developer Suite

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February 22, 2015



Yahoo Announces New Mobile Developer Suite Pear DigitalYahoo’s improvement in fortunes over the last few months continued during their recent mobile developer conference, which was held a couple of days ago in San Francisco. Hot off the news that the partnership with Mozilla has seen the company gain ground in the search market for the first time in years, it appears that the company will now be using the talent it picked up when it purchased Flurry to further explore at mobile market.

With this in mind the company used the conference to announce a far-reaching new plan that will see them fully integrate into the mobile development and search community like never before. Search, video and display adverts were discussed during the conference, all of which can be developed using the new product suite.

Best of all for prospective developers is the fact that the product suite is completely free and brings together a number of products that include:

Flurry Analytics with Explorer
Yahoo App Publishing
Yahoo App Marketing
Yahoo Search in Apps
Flurry Pulse

As you can see the acquisition of Flurry is extremely important to the new venture and this also marks the first time that Yahoo has really made it clear what they intended to do with the company. Developers will now not only be able to create ads and content using the product suite, they will also be able to analyse their findings and adjust accordingly.

The suite may also yet play a part in the company’s reversal in fortunes when it comes to the search market. Yahoo announced during the conference that they will be making a move towards syndicating that search adverts and general services across the range of apps that utilise Flurry Analytics, which in turn grants their search sector even more exposure.

What this means for the company is that they are taking their first major step into the mobile market, which up until this point has been dominated by Google and Bing. While it doesn’t mean the company will be looking to join its rivals in creating a mobile OS that will use their search engine as a default, the syndication of the Yahoo search functionality across so many apps does provide plenty of opportunity for expansion in the mobile search sector.

It’s exciting times at Yahoo, with their search engine attaining levels of popularity that nobody could have foreseen a couple of years ago coupled with a number of astute business decisions that has allowed them to penetrate a market that seemed to be rapidly closing on them just a few short years ago. Google has already started responding to Yahoo’s deal with Mozilla. Will we see any response from them with this latest move?

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