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What is SEO and why your business cannot afford to ignore it.

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July 2, 2017



SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the science behind your website. When you have spent time and money building your website you want it to show up on search engine results when your customer’s search for your product or services when the type in key terms into search engine results. Fact is that without SEO your website will not be found by your customers.

SEO is something that is an ongoing process and can be broken down into on-page and off page and link building.

On Page optimisation.

On-page SEO factors are all the things you can influence on your own website. All kinds of technical aspects of your website are important for the chances of your website to rank in the search engines. For example using WordPress to build your website on is a rather SEO-friendly platform.

The structure of your website, your site speed and the content of your site are other important on-page SEO factors. For example all the pages on your website should have the relevant descriptions or Meta Data, this will help Google and the other search engines pick up your website. Think of this as your websites voice, if there is no voice no one can here you and if no one can here you they can’t find you. If you have images on your website such as product images then it is important that these also have the right descriptions and titles as well. Make sure your title is no longer than 60 characters and your descriptions are no longer than 150 characters.

The H1 Tag: A well optimized page should have only one H1 tag and several h2,h3 tags. The h1 tag is usually the same as the page title (although it doesn’t have to be exactly the same).

A quick way to find out if your page follows this rule, is to right click anywhere on your page and select VIEW SOURCE from the pop up menu. Then click CTRL-F to open the ‘Find’ box and search for H1. If you see more than two instances of <h1> and </h1> then ask your developer to fix it so that the page has only one H1 tag.

ALT text for images: If you use images within your text (and you should), you need to make sure that the ALT text has a meaningful value that will give a good indication to search engines about the content of the image and how this is related to your page.

Off Page optimisation

Off Site SEO refers to actions you can take to promote your website on the web (besides advertising). The most commonly used methods are:

Blogging/Content writing

By creating high quality blog articles or even vlogs (video blogs) and sharing that with your customers and your community will help establish your brands presence and authority in your field. Regular posting and keeping up to date with the latest trends in your field is critical. Successful content management leads on to successful link building.

Link Building: When a user is typing a query in the search box (of search engines), they have to decide which websites to show in the first positions of the result and the order they will show them.

To be able to do that in a way that will keep their users happy about the results, they use a number of factors (Google is using more than 255 ranking factors) in their ranking algorithms.

The algorithms are influenced (either positively or negatively) from links pointing to a website. If the links are coming from trusted and related websites, they are considered as a ‘vote of trust’ and they can help a website rank higher. If on the other hand if they are coming from low quality websites, they can lower the rankings of the particular website or even get it into trouble (think google penalties)

To understand how to use link building correctly, you need to know what Google is saying about links. In summary Google considers any type of link that was generated for the intention of manipulating their algorithm as unnatural. A lot of unnatural links will eventually lead to a penalty. Such as your website being de-indexed

This means that you should not buy, sell, exchange or ask for links for the purpose of increasing your rankings.

What can you safely do?

Don’t get into the habit of building links (especially from low quality sites) but go after natural links. Natural links are given to you by other websites because they found your content and website interesting and worth linking.

This may sound odd but it does work much better than spending time and effort to build links that may get you into trouble.

You can get them naturally if you have good content and if you can successfully put your content if front of many people. What is the best way to do this? Through content marketing, solid promotion tactics, careful guest posting and social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is the fastest way to promote your content to people that may show an interest. It’s not always easy to do, you need a plan and you may have to spend some money but it works and it is safe and solid.

At Pear Digital we have a structured approach to SEO and with our proven methods your visibility on the search engines will be more prominent and you will see an increase in visitors to your website.

What is SEO
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