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To click or not to click

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February 14, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

The clicking behaviour doesn’t refer to people connecting, but rather to the act of choosing a specific link. The time it takes for someone to read link descriptions takes mental energy, there’s no doubt about it. Researches from the University of Western Australia indicate that people select links that are placed in a certain matter that require for them a less usage of energy. For example, the top left column is the most popular place for clicks. Users seem to prefer clicking on these links rather than those located on the lower web page. Researchers claimed that English and other languages flow from left to right and from top to bottom and this might be a reason for our brain functioning in this way. This is a good advice for websites and all digital companies across the world, to place your essential work in a menu on the left side of the space. Saving your readers’ energy in order to head it towards reading products and services is a wise move.

Why do we click on what we click is the modern version of the question who built the pyramids, but unlike the pyramids that are supposed to remain a mystery, we have an answer for your clicking reasons: fear, curiosity, arousal, boredom and a mix of them

Whether you’re scared, curious, aroused or bored, you are clicking! If you have fever, flu, angle closure, massive headaches, for all of these symptoms and more others, Google is your first doctor and the first articles that appear become your new prescriptions.  Articles with the following titles: “How not to get fired”, “How not to get a divorce” or “What to do in case of an earthquake”, “New ways of cooking to make your lover happier” will make you click on them if a. You are working, b. You are married, c. You’re scared of earthquakes, d. You’re cooking and you have a lover

Lady’s Gaga new dress astonishing amazing, omg !!! This is something you would click out of curiosity. You don’t even like Lady Gaga, but your curiosity is a need that you can’t control, it’s part of the beauty of being human. So go on, take a look at Lady Gaga’s new dress, at Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling break up, and at the list of people going to mars in 2022.

It’s late at night and this is your first day out of those 3 days off and you’re bored of Dostoievski, it’s that moment of the night when you find the internet much more appealing and you just click on stumble or tumblr or on instagram looking at stranger’s pictures or statuses. Everything is interesting and you can’t stop, you don’t know what are you looking for, but the fact that you keep scouting and clicking makes you think you’re looking for something that can change your life, your day, or just something that can quickly send you to sleep.

Less talks, more clicks

What do we need in order to click with our readers?

A click is an extension of our attention drawn there by either curiosity, a well known intent, boredom or by a wish for arousal. There are things that only a certain class of people will find appealing and in order to engage with a larger audience we need to concentrate on writing general stuff interesting for a doctor as well for an unemployed mother of 4 children.

Golden rules

1. Establish the audience you are writing for -> what is interesting for them and why

2. Start with an immersive title -> beginnings are important

3.  Make your readers stay on your website  -> beautiful web design will help

4.  Don’t bore them with less or too much information -> say a complicated thing in a simple way

5.  Use images, additional links to sustain your “cause” -> on the internet people judge books by their covers

6.  Be original, make a joke or do a magic trick to make them remember your brand -> relate to worldwide news or to your generous sense of humour


Clicking dependence

We  just set up a service to help you with your clicking dependence, what we do is select only the valuable amount of information you need, as well as the best products and brands. No need for wasting your time anymore. Contact Pear Digital because we know what works best for you.

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