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Tips For Creating Good Landing Pages

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August 8, 2016



Tips For Creating Good Landing Pages Pear Digital
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Throughout the web design process, one of the things you are going to need to consider is the quality of your landing pages. These are the pages that customers are most likely to visit first, such as your home page or the pages that prove particularly popular in searches. A poor landing page will turn your customers off very quickly and may result in them bouncing away from your site.

In essence, your landing page is your chance to make a good first impression, so make sure you use it wisely by following all of these web design tips.

Who You Are

Your landing page needs to tell visitors who you are, what you do and how you can help them as concisely as possible. Ideally, you will not force visitors to wade through pages of text to get to the important stuff, as most will not have the patience. Instead, consider the essence of your business of the purpose of your website and distil it into its simplest form. You can then expand upon all of these points further on in the site.

Get Rid Of Clutter

You also need to make sure that the design of the page itself is nice and simple, so that all of the major elements are easy to reach and use. Apply the same philosophy to the page design that you have to your content. Keep things simple, make sure all of the important stuff is there and don’t overload the page with images and random headings that distract from its purpose, which is to intrigue your visitors to the point where they want to explore further and potentially convert into paying customers.

Encourage Sharing

Once you have the visitor’s attention, it is important that you try to offer a little gentle encouragement to them in regards to sharing your content with others. This should never be approached with an “in your face” thought process, so avoid pop-ups that distract the viewer or constant begging to share your content. Instead, just make your sharing icons fairly prominent and easy to access, without trying to constantly push people towards them. This will ensure that sharing stays in the visitor’s mind, without being constantly pushed down their throat.

Contact Forms

Many companies choose to try to strike while the iron is hot and include a contact form alongside the landing page, with the aim of having the content intrigue to the point where visitors want to ask questions. This is a good idea, but a complex contact form can put people off. If you want to do this on your landing page, keep the form as simple as possible and make it a point to talk about how there is no obligation for anything. You can always gather extra information when you contact the customer.

Customer Security

If you include contact forms that require you to ask for sensitive information, make sure that you do everything that you can to reduce visitor anxiety. A good privacy policy will help with this, as will using logos and certifications that you site has in regards to security, such as your SSL certification. Consider using reviews and testimonials from reliable sources, if you have the space.

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