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Three Common Online Marketing Problems Faced by Startup Businesses

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March 6, 2017



Every business, from the smallest one-person operation through to the largest global conglomerate, has to start somewhere. For start-ups, one of the biggest challenges that need to be overcome is the issue of marketing, particularly in the modern age when the digital world plays just as critical a role as traditional marketing techniques. Employ the wrong strategy and you will find that budgets get stretched and you have less money to spend on ensuring your customers get the level of service that they deserve.

As such, startup businesses need to confront some of the most common online marketing problems quickly and find solutions that will help them make the most of their efforts. Here we will be examining some of the key challenges that a new startup faces in the digital landscape.

Lack of Time

The key issue with online marketing for startup businesses is the sheer amount of time that it takes to learn about what you need to do and implement it. From optimizing your website, through to generating new content and keeping track of your social media accounts, online marketing can take up a large portion of your working life that should be dedicated to serving the needs of your customers.

Just remember that you are not alone and that there are many agencies, such as Pear Digital, who are able to offer bespoke online marketing services that are tailored to suit your budget and the needs of your business.

Building the Website

There is much more to consider in web development today than there was ten years ago. You won’t be able to get away with a basic website that offers a little information to consumers, as most now see websites as a reflection of the companies they are considering purchasing from. As critically, most web searching is now done using mobile devices, such as phones and tablet computers, which means your website needs to be designed with everybody in mind.

The best way to confront this issue is to invest in a responsive website that displays equally well on all devices. Yes, the initial investment may be a little higher than a run of the mill site, but the amount of money you save in the long run more than pays that back. Responsive sites allow you to make instant changes that are reflected across all devices and can be scaled to updates that may cause issues with regular websites.

Not Knowing Who They Are

Before starting a business, you need to understand who you are, what you aim to achieve, and the market that your products or services will appeal to. The latter is particularly crucial in online marketing, as it will determine the direction your strategy takes, particularly if you are using pay-per-click advertising.

Knowing who you are means you can define your brand through your website, social media channels, and marketing strategies. If you are unable to offer a strong answer for why customers should choose you over others, it is best to go back to the drawing board and figure it all out before you make a start on your online marketing campaign, as changing tack half way through will lead to losses throughout the business.

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