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The Signs That Your Website Is Out Of Date

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August 12, 2016



The Signs That Your Website Is Out Of Date Pear Digital

Web design can often be tricky for small business owners to deal with, especially as the field is constantly evolving and what may have worked for your website a couple of years ago may now make it appear out of date when compared to your competitors.

This is compounded by the fact that it is often difficult to tell when your website is falling behind the times, unless you are spending a lot of time examining other websites to see what they have that you don’t. To make things a little easier, we have come up with a few signs that your website could use a little revitalization to bring it in line with current expectations.

It’s Not Mobile Ready

When smartphones first came out it became something of a novelty to have a website designed that could be used comfortably on them. Most businesses figured that they would not overtake desktops in terms of popularity and so focused their efforts on building sites as they always had. However, in today’s market it is almost more important to make sure that your site is mobile ready than it is to design it for standard desktops. Google claims that more than 60% of searches are now made using mobile devices and they even have a separate algorithm in place that favours sites that have been designed with mobile in mind. Head to to find out if your site is considered mobile-friendly.

The Information Doesn’t Change

Your website should be a reflection of your business, which means it needs to reflect any changes in terms of product offerings and operating procedures. Stagnant websites give customers little reason to come back. Furthermore, search engines will generally favour sites that have demonstrable activity in terms of updates and changes. Having a blog in place is a good start, but you also need to consider whether or not the site in its current format is meeting your existing business needs.

It Uses Flash

Around about ten years ago, Adobe Flash seemed like the best possible idea for web designers who wanted to build sites that looked amazing. However, more recent advancements in web development technology has rendered Flash practically obsolete in some cases. If your website is Flash-based, you may find that it struggle to offer the speed that customers expect. Search engines will also be an issue, as the text on Flash-based sites cannot be read properly, which limits your SEO efforts.

Does It Look Bad?

You need to be honest with yourself when examining your website. Most of us spend time browsing the web so take a bit of time to compare other sites to your own. Does yours look outdated? If you were a potential customer, would your site convince you to send an enquiry? If the answer is no then it is likely that the site is out of date. You may even personally like an old design, but if it doesn’t serve your customer’s needs, it doesn’t serve yours either. Consider having other people use the site to find out their thoughts.

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