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The Key Website Design Trends for 2018/19 (Part Two)

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October 24, 2018



Last week, we took a look at a few website design trends that you’ll need to keep in mind over the next year or two.
Here, we’re going to continue that piece by looking at a few more trends that will feel will come for the fore in 2019.

Trend #5 – Custom Image Design
This is a trend that’s already well underway, but it’s still worth talking about. The fact of the matter is that people have grown wise to the use of stock images. They can see when you’ve just popped on the web and picked up a couple of pics from somebody else.
Customisation is the key in the modern web environment. You’ll see a lot more websites using custom imagery to separate themselves from the pack and essentially brand themselves.
That’s not to say that stock images don’t have their uses. You just need to be careful and pick images that reflect your brand, rather than choosing the first generic office picture that you see.

Trend #6 – Augmented Reality

Anybody who’s played Pokémon Go will already know how Augmented Reality (AR) works. It’s a technology that allows you to place virtual objects onto real-world environments.
What you may not know is that it’s starting to see much wider use outside of mobile apps and similar gimmicks. For example, a lot of architects have started to use AR to help them visualise design changes to real-world buildings.
It’s also become a trend in web design. eCommerce is the big winner here, as you can use AR to essentially create a virtual shopper for your users. For example, you could create a virtual mirror that uses the user’s camera to show their face on screen. You can then use AR technology to allow them to “try on” hats, sunglasses, and similar accessories.
That’s just one example. The point is that AR can help you to create a more personalised experience.

Trend #7 – Sticky Elements
This is another trend that we’re seeing more in modern web design.
Sticky elements are essentially any part of a webpage that scrolls with the user’s scrolling. For example, you can use it to ensure your navigation bar is always available for the user to click without them having to scroll to the top of the page. Many websites also use it to make their social buttons prominent at all times.
It’s a small thing, but it enhances usability and sharing for your website.

Trend #8 – Asymmetry
The grid-based layouts that most websites use still have their place and will likely remain the most common design type for 2019. However, there’s an increasing trend towards asymmetrical design that we can’t ignore.
This is an unconventional type of layout that likely won’t work well for websites with a lot of content. However, it’s an effective design tool for websites that want to stand out from the norm and can actually take advantage of the unique visual element that this “broken” design form has to offer.

The Final Word
That does it for our list of website design trends that you need to keep an eye out for during the rest of 2018 and into 2019.
Perhaps you’re thinking about implementing some of these trends in your business website. The Pear Digital team can help. Contact us today to give your website a refresh that ensures it stays relevant to modern design techniques.

Website Design Trends part two
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