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Steps to Building a Good Landing Page

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January 9, 2015



If you’re looking to run a per-per-click campaign the most important thing you need to consider, even above the campaign itself, is the quality of your landing page for your adverts. With a good quality page you will see conversions increase and bounce rates decrease, ensuring the success of the campaign. Here’s a couple of pointers to keep in mind when building your landing page.

Check the URL

If your landing page is going to be a part of your main website then you will generally be able to associate the URL with the page. If this is the case you just need to ensure that the URL makes it clear what the page is offering without loading it with keywords.

If you are building a complete standalone page then it is important to research potential URLs to see which ones best suit the purpose of the campaign and are available to you. Once you have one you can start building campaign branding around it.


Branding is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any successful search campaign. Establishing a quality brand ensures you receive repeat custom and more people remember your company and services after they’ve used them.

If your landing page is part of a larger website then ensure your branding remains consistent throughout and reminds people of the overall site. If your services are of a high enough quality this may encourage people to access the site organically or directly.

Furthermore, ensure that company logos and alternative website addresses are included wherever possible. The aim here is to ensure what you present sticks in the mind of the customer and gives them something to remember for repeat visits and quality word of mouth.

Quick and Clean

The overall purpose of your landing page should be to drive conversions. After all, you will be paying for each person that visits the page so it should be adequately optimised to make the most out of that money.

Utilise a simple and clean design that is easy to navigate and doesn’t clutter the screen. Your copy should be succinct and clear, letting the customer know exactly what they are getting and why they should want it. Finally, you need to ensure calls to action are clear. Have your phone number clearly displayed at the top of the screen so that it is one of the first things a customer sees and ensure that any forms you use are simple and short.


You will be able to determine something about the success of the overall campaign just based of a ratio of cost versus sales, however you should ensure that analytics and goals are put in place for individual keywords as well. That way you will know when a term isn’t working for you or if people are using the term but bouncing away from the site, thus indicating that they aren’t finding what they are looking for. Your stats can help you make sure the campaign is doing what you need and highlights areas of weakness that you need to improve upon.

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