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An impartial examination of your website can often reveal issues where none may seem immediately evident. Focus on customer engagement and the journey they take through your website leads to a more efficient and effective experience, allowing us to create a website specification that drives conversions and engagement with users.

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Create a full map of your site, including every single page you aim to include and the journey a customer must take to reach that page.

Use the sitemap to complement your goals for the site and identify areas that could lead to users becoming confused or leaving your site. Identification of wider issues that could, or currently do, affect your website starts here.

Specification Pear Digital


Design is as important as development and content in any successful website. Creating wireframes to guide the design vision is essential to ensure that everything on site is cohesive and consistent.

Wireframes provide a visual representation of what your website will eventually become and allow for the first opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t and what other ideas could potentially be implemented.

Specification Pear Digital


A working model of your eventual website provides much-needed insight into the customer journey and how it can be affected by design decisions. Ensure the backbone is in place for a successful website and create an ebb and flow that makes customers want to stay with your site and recommend it to others.

Specification Pear Digital

If your content isn’t engaging, your customers will leave. Begin to implement your content strategy and discover how what you say about your business can turn people on to your products or cause them to leave you entirely.

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