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Social media SEO marketing services is learnt from experience, not from books…

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July 18, 2014



When meeting a client, it is important to give them as much details as you can about the education and experience that you have or don’t have. The real truth is that there are no qualifications in the social media that enable a fresh graduate student to start working in this industry.  Universities in general do a good job at providing the students with theoretical basis, but they are a bad hand at practice. Social media seo marketing services is learnt from experience, not from books.

Social media SEO marketing services is learnt from experience, not from books... Pear Digital

Allya Akram, our marketing director talks further about how to use any social media marketing agency in order to get what you want.

“If the expert you are working with doesn’t understand your business objective, he cannot find the best approach to help you and you’re a lost cause.”  Different clients have different industry regulations, different target and products.  Using the social media company pages on twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook it is not enough if you don’t know what to write or share and  the most important, WHY.

Any proposed social media activities from social media and seo company services can help your business objectives or even damage them.  One thing is for sure. You have to be included in the social media strategy plan.  She adds that the real experts know the answers to your client’s questions and can easily get under their skin and hence, know what they are expecting from you and what can be improved. However, you should be included in the process of deciding the channels and techniques that can be implemented, because you know which approach is the best for you.

“It is quite hard to find the guts to invest in something new and take a completely different approach to your business”, states Allya. But if this approach is , besides different, creative and innovative, it is worth doing it. If you were dealing with failed projects, you probably committed one of these mistakes.  Not any Social media seo company services offering you good campaign plans can bring you success.

As good as a campaign plan may sound, it MAY NOT BE THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU. You probably have other plans with the money that can be invested in campaigns that prove no business benefit. Pear Digital Team is one of the best social media seo company in London and we pride ourselves with finding the best solutions to the most complicated problems.  The future of social media is built on successful campaigns. Give us a call if in need of success.

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