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Social media marketing London Company gets inside clients minds

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May 19, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

“Being a fly on the wall in your customers, prospects and competitor’s world,” is how Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman describes the business of social selling.

Social media marketing London Company gets inside clients minds Pear Digital

Nevertheless, Pear Digital social media marketing London confirms social selling is not creepy. It makes perfect sense to have personal conversations with potential clients and collaborators. Social networks are not Masonic platforms to control population, but beneficial astonishing virtual places where businesses and people are more likely to meet and talk, tie friendships or collaborations. Before these online platforms even existed, it was difficult to target a great number of clients or to maintain a good communication with them.  All of a sudden, companies selling rates went high and the number of clients reached its peak as well. Getting your message and products across seas and continents unfortunately can’t be done by sending pigeons or using telepathy, only with social media marketing.

For example, you have a business of online clothing. Someone on Facebook posts a status about the growing number of shops advertised on facebook. You respond to that and start having a conversation with that person whose ideas you can calmly discuss and increase your chances of getting a new client. Not every social media marketing London based agency has a witty eye and sharp tongue like us for the magical formula that gets you in a top position on the market.

“The good part is that we, the ones who run businesses are humans as well, and we love to interact with examples of this species. This being said, it’s a pleasure to establish a personal connection with clients rather than keeping it formal.” Marketing Executive, Allya.

It’s not only salespeople’s behavior that changed, but the also the customers behaviour. Clients are personally involved in all networking platforms. It is possible to communicate through these channels if the messages and posts are personal, original, mind blowing and funny relevant topics. At our social media marketing London Company we enjoy engaging the community and being active members when working for our clients and in our personal lives as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need social media marketing London services at affordable prices in a package with undoubtedly convincing and interactive messages and traffic.

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