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Smartphones Make Up Almost Half of US Search and Spend

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January 16, 2015



If you needed anymore evidence that smartphones and other mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular in the world of search, then recent statistics released as part of Marin Software’s Benchmark Report for the final quarter of 2014 should convince you.

The stats show that during the final quarter smartphones continued to demonstrate an increasing level of popularity amongst users. In fact, taken as a standalone the amount of people using the devices to make searches and contribute to total advertising spend of companies increased by around five percent when compared to the figures from the previous year.

What this all means is that smartphones currently account for around forty percent of all search and customer spend via advertising in the United States, meaning that it is likely that similar figures would be found in other markets that make heavy use of the devices, such as the United Kingdom.

The stats further highlight the importance of mobile search in modern society and should make interesting reading for anybody who has yet to develop a mobile version of their website or who is currently thinking about developing one.

Bear in mind also that the algorithms that dictate mobile search are different to those used for searches made from a desktop computer. For one, perhaps the most important factor in such searches is how accessible the site is for mobile users, meaning that those sites that don’t cater for people using handheld devices may be losing out on a large portion of potential searches.

The results demonstrate once again just how quickly the SEO market develops and just how much effort needs to be put into maintaining a solid brand presence across all devices to ensure users have the largest amount of options possible available to them. Furthermore, accessibility also comes into play here and the need to cater for the smartphone market puts an entirely new twist on previous accessibility requirements that saw sites adding options for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.

That isn’t to say that desktop search is a thing of the past. In fact the same set of statistics also demonstrated that desktop searches accounted for 50.7 percent of all searches made during the quarter, further demonstrating the need for a solid presence on as many platforms as possible to achieve the best results.

Perhaps what will be most interesting to those who utilise Google Adwords and similar advertising streams is that the cost per click for an advert on a smartphone is about thirty percent lower than it is on a desktop, while conversion rates are suitably high to convince many businesses that users are now more than happy to shop on the go should they come across a business or an offer that they deem to be suitably trustworthy.

All of this amounts to a growing need for businesses to develop a mobile presence to rival both their desktop and social presence. Without it many companies may be missing out on a large volume of potential search traffic or paid traffic that is at a higher value than what can be obtained via desktop searches.

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