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Six Things You Should Look For In Your Web Developer

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May 14, 2016



Last week we took a look at the elements that a website needs in order to attract business and maintain the level of quality expected of it in the modern era, so we thought that this time around we would examine the developers themselves. Specifically, we will be looking at the things that any web developer you work with should be able to offer you, so if you are looking to get a new website designed try to keep the following in mind.

Is The Portfolio Good?

Before you get to the meat and potatoes of development work, one of the first things you need to do is check out the company’s portfolio of previous work. Most good developers will have one on their website, highlighting what they believe to be the best work they have done. Does this work gel with what you are looking for? If so, then you are onto a good start with your search.

Will They Communicate?

Hiring a web developer who appears to be capable of great things is all well and good, but if they don’t communicate regularly with you then what’s the point? You’ll never be able to keep track of your website if your developer doesn’t make it a point to provide you with regular updates regarding progress, so make sure you establish lines of communication early and put standards in place that you will both aim to meet.

Is SEO Considered?

Not all web developers are SEO experts, of course, but they should all design sites with the basics of SEO in mind. This means making them easy to navigate, user-friendly and fully accessible to as large a group of people as possible. The more your developer knows and applies about SEO going into your web development project, the less you need to worry about making changes to the site for marketing purposes later on down the line.

Do They Have Passion?

Website development is tricky and often creative work, so your developer needs to be able to demonstrate a certain level of passion for the work that they’re doing. Try to gauge how enthusiastic they are about the project when you meet them. If the developer seems bored or non-responsive from the start, it may be worth considering somebody else, regardless of how good the developer’s portfolio may be.

How Is Hosting Handled?

Most developers will be able to offer you hosting along with your site, so it is important to discuss any fees related to this and what you get in return. It may also be worth looking into hosting the site yourself, but remember that this will mean that any site issues caused by your hosting provider will fall on your shoulders.

Do They “Get” You?

This is the most important thing you need in order to get a great website developed. Your developer needs to understand you, what you’re looking for from your site and how you wish to portray yourself and your company on a professional level.

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