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Search Engine Optimisation Pear Digital

Organic Growth

Organic search results are the prize asset of any digital plan. Achieving them is the result of long term planning, following guidelines and providing customers with what they want. SEO opens your business up to a whole new world of potential customers and your digital plan will ensure that you have the highest possible chance of converting them.

Respecting Guidelines

Many SEO plans revolve around creating poor backlinks from disreputable sources and spinning text to create as many keywords as possible. Both are against guidelines laid out by search engines such as Google and, as search algorithms continue to increase in intelligence and complexity, such tactics are less and less likely to work in the long term.


Your search strategy should focus on providing the best possible service for your potential customer’s query.


Search Engine Optimisation Pear Digital

Discover, Optimise, Analyse

Organic search is constantly changing. Google alone is believed to make hundreds of minor tweaks to its algorithm to allow it to continue supplying superior results to its users.

Your campaign should aim to be as compliant as possible with current optimisation methods and analysis of your campaign and developments in search combine to create a full organic package.

  • A comprehensive site examination that will highlight issues in existing websites
  • Analysis of areas of opportunity and potential
  • Competitor research
  • Content creation and targeting
  • Social optimisation and brand building
  • Reporting tailored to your digital plan

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