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Reacting to the user’s needs and requirements is extremely important, so a responsive page’s ability to provide a superior user experience could be the difference between a person leaving the site and a person staying and converting. Your page should be as readable as possible on as many devices as possible. If your site is unable to respond to the user’s needs, there is always the possibility that another site will, making responsive development methodology vital.

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When a user visits a page on your site it should be immediately apparent to them where they are. Confusing pages lead to confused users so an accessible site, especially one that offers additional accessibility options to cater for as many users as possible, will hold interest and provoke a response.

Flexible and Responsive

Using new development techniques, websites are now able to recognise the devices that they are being accessed from and respond accordingly with a page that most suits that device.

To provide a full customer journey and as many paths as possible to an eventual goal it is important to ensure users can access your website on as many devices and in whatever ways that are possible.

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