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We engage in active research about you and your company, in addition to examining competitors to create a full digital marketing plan tailored to you. Understanding your users and what they want from your business is the basis of any digital marketing project.

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Data & Competition

Using statistical data about your website drawn from a variety of different sources, we identify areas where the site is performing well and where it could be improved. Recommendations for your project are put in place based on these observations.

Analysis of your competitors is also vital at this stage, both to see how they service their customers and to highlight areas where a service isn’t being provided that your company could fill a gap.



Research Pear Digital
Research Pear Digital

Requirement Workshops

Knowing what you want to achieve from your project is the first step in creating a digital marketing plan. Our workshops identify your needs and how you can integrate these with the needs of your customers.

User Evaluation

Know your user and the path to success will be clearer. We evaluate potential and current clients of your business to find out what you do right, what you could do better and what you don’t offer that they need.

This data is used to formulate an overall strategy that ensures your business offers everything that it can to the consumer.

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