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Social Media – Rain is increasing traffic

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February 14, 2014



Heavy rain and gale-force winds are sweeping southern Britain for two weeks and Twitter and Facebook are filled with statuses about the weather.

Online shopping and services will increase due to the fact people will find it hard to get out of the house in order to provide their goods. Regarding the transport companies, it’s a must that people who commute will check their departures and time of the travels.  Utility lines might also be needed in case the power goes off, hopefully it won’t, because it won’t help our online growth plan.

While being worse for our mood, rain and snow are beneficial for social media. Adding keywords (#ukflood or #ukheavyrain) about what is happening at the moment can easily draw the attention of your readers. Actually, it is all about being present and up to date to every change that occurs as well in the weather, political field, fashion and art. It is normal nowadays to post everything you like, dislike, what you feel about a war that takes place outside your borders. If natural disasters occur, you can also mention something about that, but in a manner that makes it clear you feel sorry for what happened.

By mentioning Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Gap and American Apparel ‘s attempts to increase brand promotions are regarded as huge mistakes though, because trying to make visibility out of people’s deaths and suffering is not convincing enough, making the brand look insensitive and out of touch.

The fact that it is heavily raining already drags people to your website, but if you feel the need to say something about this, do it in a way that won’t offend anyone. Gap and American Apparel could have wrote a twitter mentioning how sorry they feel about people’s loss and eventually set up a financial help through a campaign or offer discounts that could help people affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Some companies showed sympathy in a nice and original manner though.

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