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Quick SEO Tips For New Webmasters

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August 26, 2016



Quick SEO Tips For New Webmasters Pear Digital
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So you have finally got your website up and running and you are happy with the results. You have worked with great web developers who have offered everything that you may have been looking for.

Now your task is getting eyes onto the site so that you can start attracting more customers. For many, this means making use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help them attain good rankings.

This is intimidating for many and large projects will usually look to hand this responsibility to dedicated teams of people who specialise in SEO. However, don’t fret if you don’t have the budget for that, as there are still a number of things that you can do yourself to improve your SEO.

Use Your Homepage Wisely

Generally speaking, your homepage is going to be the most powerful page on your site in terms of how search engines view your site. This lends it more authority that your other pages, so your first step needs to be to spread the wealth to areas of your site that need a little attention. Place links on your homepage sparingly and make sure that they point to relevant content. Too many links may dilute the strength that you send to other pages, so be wary of that.

Shrink Your Images

That lovely photo at the top of your page may look amazing, but it’s also ten megabytes in size, which takes an eternity to load for those who are on slower connections. Two percent of people in the UK still use dial up and many are on slow broadband connections. Your site needs to take this into account, as load times are always a factor in search results. Losing a little clarity in an image, often to an unnoticeable degree, can reap major benefits in this regard.

Watch Your 404s

404 pages, which are essentially pages that used to exist but have now been removed, or pages that just never existed in the first place, are all part and parcel of web development. Having them is not going to affect you negatively, as long as you have a custom 404 notice in place to let people know that the page doesn’t exist. However, you can still harm your site if you link to 404 pages. If you have gotten rid of a page, make sure that you go through your site navigation to change links around so you don’t end up sending people to places that no longer exist.

Look At Your Competition

While your focus should always be placed on making improvements to your own site, there is no reason why you shouldn’t look at what your competition is doing. Examine link profiles and try to see if there is anything in the website offering that makes your competitors stand out. You should look to exceed their offerings in any ways that you can, much like with all other aspects of business, so make it a point to keep improving and don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others if it is relevant to you.

Quick SEO Tips For New Webmasters Pear Digital
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