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Questions To Ask Your Web Developer

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May 27, 2016



Questions To Ask Your Web Developer Pear Digital
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Here at Pear Digital, we aim to ensure that all of our clients enjoy the best possible web development experience, resulting in the creation of a website that suits all of their professional needs, while also being easy to use and update in the future.

When looking to hire a web developer, it is important that you ask plenty of questions so that you know exactly what you are getting for the money that you are expected to pay for your site. The below are all some of the most important.

Who Will Work On The Site?

It is crucial that you meet the team that will be working on your website, as these are the people that you will be working with to ensure your site meets the standards you require it to. By meeting the team you get to put faces to the various names that you will likely communicate with via email, in addition to getting an early idea of the personalities of the people involved in the site’s creation. Be wary of any company that seems hesitant to meet in person before starting work on your website, as they may be trying to avoid being quizzed about their skills.

Will I Be Able to Manage Updates?

Having a shiny new website is all well and good, but you also need to be able to manage updates to the site, such as when you introduced a new product or service, or when you have an offer available for your customers. Ask your web developer how you will go about updating the site. Ideally you will be provided with a content management system (CMS) and full training, as this will allow you to manage updates yourself. Other developers may prefer to keep updates in-house, with a charge for each one, so you need to be sure that you have the budget and trust the developer for this.

Is SEO Going to be Considered?

Many web developers also offer search engine optimisation (SEO) alongside their basic web development services. This is important for any businesses that aim to reach larger audiences, thus making the most out of their websites. Ask about how SEO and optimization techniques are taken into account during the development phase of the website, and what will need to be done to give the site the highest chance of ranking for keywords that are relevant to your location and industry.

Do I Receive Aftercare?

No matter how good a website is, there will occasionally be issues that need to be dealt with by a developer. As such, you need to ask about the aftercare policy that the developer has in place. Some will offer benefits like free updates for a certain amount of time or fast responses to hosting enquiries. This is especially important if the site is going to be hosted by the developer, rather than in-house, as you will need to work with a responsive team that is quick to fix any issues that do arise.

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