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New Panda Update Confirmed

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September 26, 2014



Google has confirmed that the latest Panda algorithm update has been completed and is currently being rolled out across all of the company’s search algorithms.

The latest update to Panda is anticipated to affect anywhere between 3 and 5% of all queries, with that figure varying depending on the location of the person doing the search. The “slow rollout” of the algorithm update began at the start of the week and is likely to continue through to next week, after which webmasters will be able to get a solid idea of how their website has been affected, if at all.

For those who don’t know, Panda aims to eradicate all web pages with thin or poor quality content from search results to ensure that searchers reach a superior destination. Action taken by the algorithm can be as small as demoting a page with very little content so that it doesn’t show in most searches, right through to demoting entire websites if the majority of the content found on those sites is deemed to be poor. Essentially it is an indicator of the overall quality of the website, which is brought down if there are many poor pages on that site.

Specifically this update will apparently be more targeted than previous ones and has been implemented with small and medium-sized sites in mind, apparently providing them with a better chance of ranking in queries that are most relevant to them. Early tests by appear to demonstrate that some results are altering to reflect this aim. Simply put, if you note major alterations in your search rankings over the next couple of weeks it is likely that the new Panda update is the cause.

Furthermore, a new update is also a chance for those who were hit by the previous update to redeem themselves. Those who were hit by Panda 4.0 may see some improvement in their rankings, assuming they have taken the proper steps to improve their website. If they haven’t then this newest update may see even further punishment levied against offenders.


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