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Manage Your Time Well and Tips on How to be More Productive

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October 9, 2017



Here are Pear Digital’s best 5 ways to be more productive and manage your time better.

Whether you are running your own business or working a regular 9-5 job it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of your daily tasks and to manage your time effectively, and by the time it comes to the end of the week you are left wondering ‘where has the time gone’ ?

At Pear Digital we work with range of clients who are either full time entrepreneurs or they have a regular 9-5 and run their business on the side. No matter your set-up, these 5 simple hacks will allow you to get more out of your day and your time.

#Early Bird Catches the Worm – The first step to being productive

When you are running your own business you sometimes end up taking a very relaxed approach this can often mean you decide to roll out of bed around lunch time (or not at all). By doing this you are left with very hours of the working day which means your productivity takes a big nose dive. By getting yourself out of bed early you have more hours of the working day which means you can get more done which means you can probably finish your day early and then roll back into bed.

#Time is money – and being having time is being productive

This is perhaps one of the oldest sayings in the world and ties in with tip number 1. Set yourself a regular routine, that way you know exactly what needs to be done and how best to do it. For example set your  Monday’s as your admin days. Get all the little admin bits done so it allows you to focus on aspects of growing your business,  still answer client calls etc. but set a part of your day which is purely focused around getting all your admin done and out of the way. By being regular with your routine it ensures that no time is wasted. After all time is money.

#Make a list. –  one of the best ways to manage time

You do it for your shopping, so why not do it for your business to. This is perhaps the easiest way to manage your time and get more out of your day.Write down your tasks for the week on Sunday night and stick to your list as best as possible. As you complete your tasks ,cross them off your list (it’s very satisfying) Simple. How you organise your list is up to you. You can either set daily tasks or weekly tasks, choice is yours. But once you set them, stick to them.

#Delegate – the best way to save some time

When running your own business it’s very easy to fall into the sticky mud pit trap that is micromanaging.  From VAT returns to your own marketing  its easy to get bogged down in the other tasks and it can affect your rate of growth. In the early days of setting up your business you have to do this as you can’t afford to get extra help. But as your business grows start delegating tasks, hire someone to look after your social media or buy software that can help automate your accounting and cash flow like , this will allow you to focus on growing your business and is money well spent.

#Take a break.- time off is well deserved

If you have followed the above four tips then you have earned a well-deserved break. By managing your time effectively, makings lists and delegating will mean that you might have some extra time on your hands. Use this time to recharge your batteries. Head down to the gym, spend time reading a book whatever you decide to do with your free time, just do it. It will help you focus and grow.

Here’s an extra tip. When you run your own business it’s very easy to not switch off. If you have done all the above, then turn your phone off at the end of the day and chase up any emails and correspondence the next day. If you start making your business a 24/7 thing then you will burn out quickly.

At Pear Digital we don’t just build websites or do online marketing, we understand the journey of running your own business and we want you to succeed in your enterprise. So if you have any questions or even if you have any other words of wisdom for your fellow entrepreneurs then please feel free to share your tips.

Manage Your Time Well and Tips on How to be More Productive
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