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A number of businesses use Magento as their e-commerce platform. Here at Pear Digital we can look after updating your admin panel with the latest version, latest security and so on. We also know how to look after everything from stock, adding products, installing extensions and more, providing the most comprehensive Magento management service around.

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Magento Management Pear Digital

Let us manage your website!

We will do the following at Pear Digital:

  • Set up and manage your Catalog, including: Category structure, product types, layered navigation, product relations
  • Manage customer accounts and groups
  • Set up and use tax rules, payment and shipping methods, store emails, and reports
  • Create and manage orders, invoices, shipments and credit memo’s
  • Use Magento’s marketing features to create promotions, coupons, promotional emails, banners, and other marketing enhancements

A Growing Market

Magento Management Pear Digital

We have found that a lot of businesses don’t have the time to manage their Magento website on a day to day basis. So we do it for you! From managing your stock levels, adding/deleting products all the way to creating promotional codes and so on.

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