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Keep in touch? No, we’re connected!

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February 9, 2014


Alexandra Vacaroiu

We are connected and technology is evolving rapidly. All the information is online now, we stopped asking people where is x place because we now have google maps, we stopped getting lost on random streets while looking for the best restaurants, now we just google them. We also yahoo mail and dropbox everyone we are working with and for, we even found our halves through facebook, instagram and myspace. It’s easier now to find anyone, anything, only on a 10 inch screen.

When we go to see a movie, we first check the reviews, the ratings, we are up to date with the global changes, we know everything that moves and everything that moves knows us.  Artists and brands are promoting their image with the help of social media networking.  Beyonce sold more than 430,000 albums within the first 24 hours on Itunes. Animals were saved, houses, lives, even political awareness is increasing. In Egypt in 2011, by means of social media there were 18 days of demonstrations that led to the resignation of Egyptian president. Talented people are being discovered and turned into stars through youtube.  Millions of pictures are uploaded every day, people are sharing their favourite food, clothes, travels, opinions.

Businesses didn’t have facebook, twitter or instagram feeds a decade ago and we’re feeling sorry for them. Nowadays, since everybody is using internet, it’s a must to owe these things. Studies show that an internet user is spending an average of three hours on social content. Online platforms are promoting the brand, but also listening to customers, creating a more effective workforce and engaging in new strategies. The secret is interaction with clients, finding out what they like, why, what can be changed, and so the businesses are always improving because they are communicating with their “target”. When making a purchase decision, 46 % of the online users count on social media.  Internet has created the need of people to post on social platforms  whatever they know, feel, experience and this is a perfect move, because now companies know how and what to improve, people get better services, and these two collaborate towards mutual development. Happy end

By Allya Akram

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