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Issues That Can Make a Link Bad For SEO

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December 21, 2015



In the modern SEO landscape a lot of fuss is made about the difference between good and bad links. A good link can do wonders for your site, gaining it increased exposure and improving its search rankings all in one fell swoop. A bad link on its own may not have the slightest effect on the site, but too many can lead to penalties and other issues that site owners simply don’t want to have to deal with.

If you’re struggling to tell the good from the bad, have a look at this list of traits that a bad link will tend to have so you can determine which of your links are actually worth keeping.

Low Authority Domain

While this isn’t always a certainty as an issue, as a good link can come from a new domain if it is natural and that domain’s authority will improve over time, you will generally be able to spot poor links by the quality of the domain that they are hosted on. This usually refers to spam sites or blacklisted sites. Most site owners should never encounter these, but there are some link building tactics that could lead to your site being linked to from such domains, which can be a problem.

Irrelevant Domain

If you have ever come across a domain that has absolutely nothing to do with your site or its industry, yet you inexplicably have a link there, this is a bad link. Google considers context to be very important in every aspect of the algorithm, so you may need to clear links like these away if you find them.

Reciprocal Links

It has been said many times before but it’s worth repeating here – reciprocal links are bad news. Never accept an offer from another website stating that they will link to you if you do the same for them. It’s the most obvious of link schemes and one that will see you get punished if used too much.


There really is very little need for a backlink to your site to be repeated all over the host website. It doesn’t need to be placed in the footer and the content of that site shouldn’t all just seem to be aimed towards pointing backlinks to another. If that seems like the case on a site that links to you, it may be a good idea to contact them and find out why they are linking so much to you. One good link is more than enough.

There is No Appropriate Content Surrounding It

This is the sort of issue that you are likely going to find in links that have been placed in forums or the comments of a blog post. They have no context, with any content that surrounds them simply being put there with no thought, rhyme or reason. Avoid making these links as they could come back to bite you.

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Issues That Can Make a Link Bad For SEO Pear Digital
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