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Google Suggesting Firefox Users Change Their Search Browser

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January 23, 2015



It appears that Yahoo’s new partnership with Mozilla is already causing some ripples in the search landscape. Not only has the company seen an upswing in the amount of people using their search engine, marking what is likely the biggest improvement in fortunes that they have seen in a number of years, they are also clearly catching the attention of Google.

At least that’s the conclusion that can be reached if Google’s latest communications have anything to say about it. The company has started to make efforts to prompt those using Mozilla’s Firefox browser to change their default search engine to the one provided by Google. The company is now placing messages that can be seen when a user opens Firefox, prompting them to get to Google faster by following a few steps to make it their default search page.

The message can be seen if a user accesses Google through Firefox, along with a number of other prompts that all lead to the user making Google their home page again. It is the first surefire sign that the company is paying attention to the way the current market is changing as a result of the deal and it is pretty obvious that Google are looking to claw back some of their lost share in the market with this tactic.

Google Suggesting Firefox Users Change Their Search Browser Pear Digital

Of course, the company is still the dominant player in the search industry, especially in the UK, so this really is simply an attempt to solidify that position further and take back a small portion of the market share that they have recently lost.

It’s not the only tactic in the company’s playbook either. They are also using Twitter in an effort to prompt people to switch back, with a recent tweet linking to a page that essentially tells Firefox users how to change their default search engine again.

While such tactics are not exactly new, and have in fact been used by all of the major search providers at one stage or another, this one really correlates to the recent market activity and demonstrates that Google may be looking at Yahoo as a major player in the industry again.

Nobody knows just how much of an effect, if any, this new strategy has had, but it is likely that the company will manage to claw back at least a little bit of the market share that they have lost. The big question will obviously be just how much they will be able to regain. Furthermore, it will also be interesting to see what other tactics the search giant tries out in an effort to mitigate the consequences of the deal Mozilla currently have with Yahoo.

It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out and how Yahoo will capitalise on their increased share as well. With the changes to Firefox now practically fully rolled out it is probably unlikely that Yahoo will see too much of a spike in users in the near future. However, there is always the possibility that they could begin winning some converts who could in turn encourage others to use their search engine, which is surely something Google will be looking to avoid.

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