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Google Rolls Out Pirate Update

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October 29, 2014



It is currently believed by the search community that Google has rolled out an update to their previous Google Pirate Update in an effort to further derank and punish websites that host pirated content.

The big losers were sites that host free television, music and general torrents, with effects being noticed across search results since last week. In particular Torrentfreak is reporting that the update has had a massive impact on many different torrent sites, which may go some way to calming the fears of those who advocate better control on piracy by search engines.

SearchMetrics is reporting a keyword drop that is somewhere in the 65-68% region, as demonstrated by the documentation on

It was believed that Google had further work to do on their revised version of the algorithm, so its early launch has come as a shock to many of those who run torrent and pirating websites.

Generally speaking this has to be considered a good thing in general as it pertains to maintaining intellectual property rights. However, it could be argued that those who are inclined to use such sites will already be more than aware of their favourite ones and will no longer need Google or any other search engines to find them.

Having said that, the generally high churn rate of such sites will mean that when the ones that are currently popular end up getting shut down, this update should help prevent the rise of new torrent and pirating websites.

Whether this move is enough for anti-piracy advocates is another matter entirely, however we have to believe that Google will continue updating their algorithm over the next few years to combat piracy.

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